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The Multicompetent Judicial Unit based in Manglaralto gained notoriety this weekend, as did Judge Diego Javier Moscoso Cedeño, because from there he made the decision to grant a habeas corpus to the former Vice President of the Republic Jorge Glas Espinel and thus the former president left the Latacunga prison on Sunday, April 11, 2022, although his condition of guilty in the sentences he is serving remains.

Manglaralto is a parish in the province of Santa Elena near Montañita and is two and a half hours away from Guayaquil, the city where Glas Espinel now lives, at his home located on the road to the coast.

Moscoso arrived at that Judicial Unit as a first-level judge a little over four years ago. He has been listed since January 2018 in the distribution of personnel of the Judicial Function.

Although his sworn statement of assets at the beginning of his management for that position is registered in the State Comptroller General’s Office in December 2017. He then declared a bank account, a car, office equipment, household items and a piece of land in Azuay for a total of assets of about $68,640 versus a liability for a debt of $2,760, for which his declaration reflected in 2017 an equity of $65,888.

He became a judge six months before the changes that took place in the Council of the Judiciary, when the Council for Citizen Participation and Transitory Social Control terminated Gustavo Jalkh, as well as all the members of the Judiciary, for lack of of independence of functions and Jalkh was pointed out his close relationship with former President Rafael Correa, because he held several positions of trust in that Government. Jalkh began with Correa as Minister of Justice in 2007.

Judge Moscoso’s previous step was also that ministry that no longer exists, but was in 2017 and became Undersecretary of Rehabilitation, Reinsertion and Precautionary Measures for Adults.

And it was in that position and in that year that an event was recorded that was related to Glas and Moscoso. In November 2017, when the former vice president attended the trial hearing for the crime of illicit association within the Odebrecht plot, he did so in a suit and not in an orange suit as his uncle Ricardo Rivera used it and two others prosecuted for that case. .

The explanation was given by Moscoso, as Undersecretary of Rehabilitation of the Ministry of Justice. There is “no rule or protocol that prohibits a person deprived of liberty” from wearing her clothes. “For a person to go (to court) with other clothes, they would have to coordinate with her family. For example, if I have to attend a hearing and I don’t want to be in the tomato shirt, then I coordinate with my family so that they bring me a suit and get to the hearing that way, ”he said on that occasion daily. Trade.

Judge Moscoso also had a brief stint in the National Assembly, as an advisor.

As public officials must submit their declaration of assets to the General Comptroller of the State, this control body has registered the positions that Moscoso has had in the public service:

  • Advisor 1 in the Assembly, from March 2016 to May 2017.
  • Professional services (municipal server 13) in the Metropolitan District of Quito, March 2017.
  • Advisor 2, advisor 3 and Undersecretary of Social Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Precautionary Measures for Adults of the Ministry of Justice, Human Rights and Cults, from May to November 2017.
  • Advisor 1 in the National Assembly in 2017.
  • Judge of the Multicompetent Unit in the Provincial Directorate of the Council of the Judiciary in Santa Elena, December 2017 to the present. In his last sworn statement of assets, he details assets of $156,908, which include the acquisition of a property in Santa Elena in 2018, and liabilities of $51,793, which gives him an equity of $105,115.

A few days before he granted the habeas corpus In favor of Glas, there was a request for suspension against Judge Diego Javier Moscoso, to “prevent possible actions carried out by the summary officer from interfering with the normal development of this disciplinary file, preventing the judicial officers that make up his office from submitting the requested information and/or appear to render their free and voluntary versions…”.

On March 28, 2022, from the provincial coordination of disciplinary control of Santa Elena, a request for a precautionary measure for the suspension of the judge was sent to the president of the Council of the Judiciary, Fausto Murillo Fierro, and also to the three members: Xavier Muñoz Intriago, Juan José Morillo Velasco and Maribel Barreno Velin, but so far there is no resolution. (I)

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