Who is Edgar Barrera, Composer of the Year at the Latin Grammy Grupo Milenio?

edgar barrera The 2023 edition of the Latin Grammys aspired to 13 awards, and in the first round of recognition it won one of the most important awards: musician of the year,

“Thank you to the Latin Recording Academy for opening up a space for those of us who make songs but don’t sing and go unnoticed,” the artist said. of mexican origin By achieving this distinction on the first occasion in which it was awarded and in which he competed with Kevin Mauricio Cruz, Manuel Llorente Freire, Horacio Palencia and Elena Rose.

Who is Edgar Barrera?

18 of these awards are already holders, For the second year in a row, he was the most likely person to winThere are many in the Queen categories thanks to his role as producer and musician.

In a press conference a few days before the Latin Grammys he said, “In any case, I don’t like the limelight, but I see my work as a way to help artists in their careers and that’s what brings me to them.” Inspires to continue working.” ,

Of Mexican origin and settled in the United States, Along with all this a new nomination has also been added for the next edition american grammy as Non-Classical Composer of the Year for his recent projects with Don Omar (Matter of time), Karol ji (gucci cloth), Christian Nodal (the farewell‘) or relay B (i first), among others.

After hearing the news he celebrated, “We are paving the way for Latin music to create that crossover that no longer just has Latin artists, but also Latin musicians reaching listeners from the rest of the world.” Just a few days ago.

Barrera (McLane, 1990), who reports that he composed his first complete song at the age of 15, has put his stamp on “special songs” such as bachata By Miguel Turizo, Airport by maluma or recently one x100to From Grupo Frontera with Bad Bunny.

,All my songs are like children, But they are special because they open the way for new genres, as happened with the group Frontera with Bad Bunny, which opened a new space for Texan music and I feel very proud,” he declared who himself ” An old soul” is defined as a taste for bringing seemingly forgotten styles into the present.

On the question whether you consider it artificial intelligence As for cause for concern, he acknowledged that it is “when it confuses the listener, because you don’t know what is real and what is not,” and because “it often plays with an artist’s voice and image. ” “That’s where it goes wrong,” he insisted.

In his opinion, advances in this technology should be used to create and show “demos”, for example, to an artist who does not have time to test songs to see how they would sound if they recorded them.

In conclusion of this topic after forming his own label he said, “Songs have to have soul and computers will never have that. So I don’t see it as a threat,” with which he agreed to support the launch and development. Have proposed. Of new talents.

will compete at the us grammys

The musician will also be the only Latin American representative to compete in the general categories of the next Grammys, having been nominated as Non-Classical Composer of the Year by the United States Recording Academy.

Barrera will face Justin Tranter Who has previously worked with celebrities such as Britney Spears; jessie jo dillon, known for her projects with country music leaders such as George Strait; he is also a singer Shane McAnally, And theron tomasMore modern records of which have been used by Doja Cat and Lizzo.


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