Who is Frida Munoz? Wife of Chávez Jr. and former son of ChapoMediotiempo

Julio Cesar Chavez some moments of lucidity, and when he took to being a kind of influencer, almost always in an inconvenient state, he told about his relationship with Ovid Guzman, The mousethe man of the moment in Mexico, whom he described as a good guy, friendly, at least with him.

and precisely Frida Munozthe julito wifewas his connection with the Guzmansince she previously had a sentimental relationship with Edgar Guzman Lopezeldest son of the drug trafficker leader of the Sinaloa cartel, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and brother of the Mouse, who a few hours ago was captured by the Mexican authorities in sinaloa.

Even the chavez gave shelter to Frida Sofia Guzman Muñoz, daughter of this woman with Édgar, already deceased, because when Chávez Jr. met her, the little girl had already been born; she even she was born two years before the murder of his fatherin September 2006.

Ovid’s sister-in-law

Frida Munoz has 35 yearsactually lives in USA and normally presents herself as someone who is very active in social media.

He studied for a degree in business Administration by Tecmilenio Universityas well as a master’s degree in business administration and finance.

She fell in love with the capo’s son at a very young age, but later she rebuilt her life with july sonwith whom he had two other kids.

Although they announced their divorce in 2021after the boxer accused her of being unfaithful, shortly after they stopped the process and realized a new opportunity.

“I have been through difficult things with my partners and now I say ‘something good I have to learn’”, Muñoz told Despierta América.

problems with justice

In August 2015, Muñoz’s bank accounts were frozen by order of the intelligence unit of the Secretariat of Finance and Public Creditafter which Chapo’s ex-daughter-in-law began a trial.

Although the authorities argued that the money could be used for illicit acts after the escape from Loera del Altiplanoin 2018 they were returned to both her and her daughter.

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