Who is hiding behind Hada in ‘Masked Singer 3’, Thalia or Lola Indigo?

first observe

The masks was one of many novelties that had been included within the contest on the evening of Wednesday, 31 May.


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June 1, 2023 | 05:48

Antena 3 broadcasts the fourth episode of ‘Masked Singer: Guess Who Sing’ on Wednesday, 31 May, along with Sirena, Gorilla, Cupcake and Banderilla once more, Two extra masks had been added to the competitors: Baby and Fairy., The second of these was a part of the second confrontation of the evening, when supplied the primary clue Mysterious competitor.

Pari on the units of ‘Masked Singer 3’

“We are unique and unrepeatable beings. We make ourselves in our own image and likeness. You’ll never find two identical fairies in the universebegan the track’s video of Hada, who debuted on stage singing “Don’t Go Yet” by Camila Cabello. “As the ethereal beings that we’re, our id is a good unknownThe contestant continued.

In the center of the photograph session, Hada assured that “the energy and mystery we give off is what drives us to authentic music.” ,It ain’t all the time simple being an angel, folks whisper about you Just to attempt to fill the planet with magic,” the contestant shows herself making fruits and flowers with her wand. “No one goes to cease me: my mantra will attain each nook”Eliminated the unknown.

broadly different theories

Ana Obregón was the primary to inaugurate a spherical of theories about who is perhaps hiding behind the Hada masks, at which level He talked about Alaska. Thalia was the well-known one which was dropped by Javier AmbrosiAfter which it was the flip of her husband, Javier Calvo, who shared that with regard to his deduction Clues launched level to Lola Indigo, Closing out the primary impressions spherical, Monica Naranjo walks away from the world of music to wager angel laura may cover the ascension,

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