Who is Jenna Ortega? The new queen of terror in 2022

How many faces have we seen in those iconic Disney comedies that went on to become entertainment icons? From Miley Cyrus, to Hilary Duff, to Zendaya and even Ryan Gosling, many of the biggest stars of the show had their origins in Disney. Among these stars is one of the new celebrities that is taking Hollywood by surprise and that, mainly, stands out in the horror genre. Jenna Ortega, who shot his career in the series Stuck in the Middleafter small roles in iron Man 3 and, also in Insidious 2.

Jenna Ortega on the set of Scream (2022)

At just 19 years old, the talented actress, of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent, is taking the world of horror by storm in 2022, starting in January as the new scream queenliterally, in the “requel” of scream which premiered in January this year. In it, Jenna surprises a new “opening scene” that made the saga so famous since that historic murder that she faces drew Barrymore in the original 1996 film, directed by Wes Craven. In it, Jenna (who plays Tara Carpenter), survives Ghostface’s brutal attack early in the film, going against our expectations like Craven had in ’96.

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