Who is Jeremy Márquez, the young Atlas youth squad who scored a double against Chivas?

Jeremy Márquez, at 21 years old, stood out in Liguilla against Chivas with a brace that gave his team victory in the first leg of the quarterfinals

The homegrown midfielder Atlas, Angel Jeremy Marquez Castanedawho scored two goals during the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Closure 2022has a current value of 4 million dollars and was even speculated with a supposed interest of the Cadiz for his file, according to websites related to the Cadiz club.

The young promise of the red and black quarry is a native of Guadalajara, Jaliscoand at 21 years and 10 months he has 64 duels in MX League with Atlasin which he has scored four goals.

At his young age, in his individual track record he boasts of obtaining the title of opening 2021which ended a 70-year drought without a league trophy for the red and blacks.

In that final series, Marquez Castaneda He started in the first leg, remained on the field for 75 minutes, and in the second leg he remained on the pitch until the Red and Blacks lifted their second league trophy, on December 12, 2021.

January 11, 2020 will be another date that Jeremy Marquez don’t forget, because he had a dream professional debut on the field of the Azteca Stadium against Cruz Azul on Matchday 1 of the Closuresince he jumped onto the pitch as a starter and it took him 43 minutes to score his first goal in the maximum circuit, which in the end led his team to victory with a score of 1 to 2.

After that afternoon, the new midfielder waited 416 days to celebrate his own goal again, as he sealed the 3-1 that Atlas gave Atlético de San Luis on Matchday 9 of the Closure 2021.

Although during the Clausura 2022 Jeremy Marquez lost prominence and ownership against Edgar Zaldívar, due to a low game, the coach Diego Coca he found again that version of the footballer who dazzled with his flashes, just as he quoted him last March.

“We have to put him in his best version and when we achieve that, it will give us one more tool, we are still looking for the Jeremy from last tournament.”

“I’m the one who decides, I see ‘Gary’ who is really looking forward to it, he’s better than last tournament, he gives him speed and power that Jeremy doesn’t give,” the coach mentioned at a press conference.

After the duel against Gallos Blancos, Jeremy Márquez resumed ownership with Atlas facing the last seven duels in the regular phase and his best moment in the tournament -or his incipient career- came hand in hand with the Liguilla of the current tournament, since he scored a double against Chivas, the Foxes’ staunch rival, which in the end meant an advantage in the face of the duel at the Jalisco Stadium (1-2), which will define a semifinalist in the tournament.

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