Who is Julián Álvarez’s girlfriend? They sign a petition to leave it Halftime

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From enjoying the happiest day of his professional life after winning the World Cup with Argentina to meeting a strange request which has been signed by 20 thousand people to leave his girlfriend. Curious story that currently surrounds the striker Julian Alvarezwho plays for Manchester City in England.

Holder of the Albiceleste after winning the position in the middle of the tournament from Lautaro Martínez, a great accomplice of Leo Messi and author of four annotations in Qatar 2022, Julián Álvarez has become the “desire” of many womenwho believe that their current partner is not the one and therefore have put “hands on” in to end the relationship.

Who is Julián Álvarez’s girlfriend?

The soccer player, who is nicknamed Araña, has a relationship for more than four years with María Emilia Ferrerowhich is dedicated to the creation of content on social networks, noting that on Instagram it has almost half a million followers.

A rudeness of her unleashed the anger of many people and the petition was created “Julian, Leave Mary Jane”playing with the nickname of the soccer player and the name of Mary Jane Watson, girlfriend of Spider-Man in the comics, since They consider Ferrero “toxic”.

What did Emilia Ferrero do? They ask to cancel it

The annoyance of the followers lies in the Emilia Ferrero’s attitude when some children asked Julián Álvarez for photographs. They accuse the content creator of behaving “haughty” with the youngsters, since she told them that they “didn’t have time” to serve them allso they had to settle for a group photo and share it with them.

In the petition they state that Attitudes like those of Ferrero “can harm the image” of the Manchester City strikerwho has gone from being a relatively unknown player to one of the great darlings of Argentines for his performance in Qatar 2022, where they won the third World Cup in the country’s history.

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