Who is Kamran’s mother?

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‘Ms. Marvel’ Continue your adventures on Disney+. Following a first episode in which the series featured Jersey City’s favorite girl, in which the young Kamala Khan discovered the bracelet of his grandmother who awakened his superpowers; now a second chapter has arrived in which a new character has appeared who has a link with the superheroine… although she, at the moment, does not know it.


In episode 1×02 he showed the Kamran’s arrival (Rish Shah), a sexy new guy at Kamala’s high school. It’s the classic story of handsome popular guy who ends up flirting with the shyest girl in class. However, this young man hides not only a link with the teenager that she is unaware of, but it turns out that he also has superpowers.

In addition to start dating by kamala because they share affinities and cultural roots, Kamran has become close to her because he knows the mysterious woman who appears in Khan’s visions… and boy does he know her, because is his mother, as revealed at the end of the chapter. In this way, the Disney + series has introduced one of the fundamental characters of the comics, where Kamran debuts as Kamala’s love interest and He comments shortly after that he is also like her.

However, in staples, Kamran betrays her and hands her over to Lineage, a dangerous mob boss. Due to the important changes that Marvel Studios has made to the origins of the superheroine, is impossible to assume that fiction also adapts this arc narrative, since if Kamala is no longer an Inhuman, that could mean that Kamran is also not a henchman of a local mobster.

Now, the question remains about who is that mysterious woman. This is Najma, played by Nimra Bucha, and first appeared to Khan in a vision while he was in the dining room during dinner, while using his powers. for now, Najma’s identity is a mysterybeyond being the Kamran’s mother and that is true link with the bracelet.

One theory is that it could be some kind of incarnation of Aisha, Kamala’s great-grandmother, who, as seen in her first vision, disappeared the night her husband and daughter caught the last train to Karachi. However, official merchandising has released separate figures of bothwhich can be interpreted as they are different characters.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that ‘Ms. Marvel’ has a direct link to ‘Captain Marvel’well kamala will appear in Carol Danvers’ second solo film. Good Najma could be a villain. Her name in Urdu means ‘star’ and this may refer to Star, code name of an enemy of the heroine played by Brie Larson, who was a hybrid between Kree and human.

to ‘Ms. Marvel’ still has four episodes leftenough for the series to show its cards little by little, especially in what will happen now that Kamran has taken action and what is Najma’s intentions. The 1 × 03 will premiere on June 22 on Disney +.

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