Who is Naval Ravikant, the investor turned startup guru

A Twitter search for his name reveals, in addition to his bill with more than 1.7 million followers and 0 followed, a legion of profiles that replicate their quotes, add them, and discuss their figure. We talk about Naval Ravikantone of the most important investors in recent years but whose figure has transcended the business world to become a kind of quasi-philosopher for the sphere of entrepreneurship.

“Make money with your brain, not with your time”,“Successful people are irrationally passionate about something”, “You make your own luck if you stick with it long enough”. All these inspiring phrases for many entrepreneurs and with a certain air misterwonderfulian for others they have come out of Naval Ravikant. Born in New Delhi in 1974, Ravikant has behind him one of those stories that seem like a movie. The American dream. He moved with his family to New York at the age of nine where, although his father was a pharmacist in India, he was unable to practice his profession in the United States and ended up working in a hardware store.

It was a difficult transition for his family, which ended with the separation of his parents. Naval and his brother, Kamal Ravikant, were raised by his mother for most of their childhood in a time he has described as extremely humble.

Today, Ravikant has his own investment fund, a fortune of 60 million dollars and his tweets have been collected and spread by a third party in a book – The Almanac of Naval Ravikant – referenced by New York Times and on the bestseller list in the entrepreneurship section of Amazon perennially. According to calculations of WSJ, your investments translate into you earning 0.1 cent of a dollar for every Uber trip made in the world and with your signature, AngelList, your investment platform that works as a kind of directory1,035 companies have been financed with an average contribution of 390,000 dollars each.

But, how was your way there? How has it been mythologized in such a specific circle?

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