Who is Nella Schubarth, the girl who stars in the mystery miniseries making waves on Netflix

He netflix catalog is constantly renewed and He top 10 The platform compiles the most appreciated presentations by users. this month, Six-episode miniseries lands And, in just three days, managed to put itself in first place Argentina ranked. In the midst of the mystery that played out their story, the audience streaming They were surprised by its crudeness and asked themselves: Who is its heroine Nella Schubarth?

It came to Netflix on September 7th my sweet little girl ,leebs kindFrom its original title in German)a short series of bus six chapters This incident of about 45 minutes created a sensation among the viewers of Vishal. streaming, so it was like that, it was like that In just three days it managed to position itself in first place in the platform ranking in ArgentinaSpanish series after that body is burningStarring Ursula Corbero and Quim Gutiérrez, which arrived on site a day later.

German series ranked first on NetflixNetflix

Nyla Schubarth gave life to Hannah, Girl who is with his mother and brother Kidnapped in a maximum security home, The protagonist of the German miniseries, who played the role, was born in the city of Cologne. has the main role of my sweet little girl at only 11 years old, But this was not the first successful production in which the little girl took part.

Nella Schubarth brought Hannah to life in My Sweet GirlNetflix

and landed on the vast land of Shubarth streaming with last july Another Netflix production: bird box barcelonaThe sequel to the film starring Sandra Bullock, where Mario Casas’ daughter Sophia given life, Apart from this, he also participated in the Spanish series. Darkness (HBOMax)Released in September 2022. Although his career in the world of acting began with series and films in his native country Römer Riehe – Das Lied der Toten Mädchen (2021), geferliche nahe (in 2021, where she played the role of Chrissie), Held (2013), unbroken (2015) and daughters diagnosis (2015).

Currently, his latest production took first place in the rankings in Argentina just three days after its premiere, achieving promising success.

Is it based on a real story?

Lena remains completely isolated with her two children, Hannah and Jonathan, amid the kidnapping In which they have been kept. when woman manages to escapeAn investigation case that started 13 years ago has been reopened.

Successful miniseries, which was filmed in two areas of Ireland Directed by Isabelle Kleefeld and Julian Porkesen and stars Kim Riddle, Nella Schubarth, Sammy Schrein, Hans Lowe, Haley Louise Jones and Justus Von Dohnanyi; among others.

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Meri Darya Girl came to Netflix on September 7 and became the leader in the country’s rankings

As for the audience’s doubts as to whether it would be an adaptation of an actual event, the answer was negative. Although rawness of the story And more and more productions based on real cases have flooded the platform streamingin this matter This was an audio-visual version of the book my sweet little girlWritten by Romy Hausmann And published in February 2019.


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