Who is Olivia Dunne, the college gymnast that is all the rage? Halftime

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have more than three million followers in instagram and more than six and a half million in TikTok It could well be the dream of many people, however, not everything is rosy, something that he experienced Olivia Paige Dunnecollegiate gymnast from the United States.

Who is Olivia Paige Dunne?

Known among her friends and fans as LivvyOlivia Paige Dunne is a gymnast 20 years old representing the team of the ULouisiana State University (LSU).

Its great success on social networks has generated it to be the image of major brands such as: L’Oreal, Spotify, American Eagle, Grubhub and Vuoriin addition to being represented by the agency WME Sportsto which athletes of the stature of Novak Djokovic Y Serena Williams.

Livvy Dunne’s fans scare her

The great furor that the gymnast has generated caused the athlete to live a scary episodebecause during a competition in Salt Lake Citythe Westwood, New Jersey native, was unable to participate due to a shoulder injurywhich caused annoyance among his fans.

During the event, the Dunne’s followers they started screaming “We want Livvy!”in addition to shouting at each other with the rival team and with the members of the team from the LSU, who has even hired several escorts who will primarily monitor Livvy.

Faced with this situation, the young athlete did not hesitate to use her social networks to share a message in which she asked that she be respected the work of his other colleagues of team.

“I will always appreciate and love your support, but if you come to a meeting, I want to ask you to please be respectful to the other gymnasts and the gymnastics communitysince we are only doing our job”, mentioned the athlete who has also been criticized for the type of images that she usually shares on her different profiles.

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