Who is Ryan Prevedel, from victim of bullies to star of TikTok


He is very young and can already count on over 3 million followers. Ryan Prevedel, with his contents, has gone around the world: short videos, in which he gets involved with challenges or replicating trends, which have earned him the esteem of his peers and beyond. On social media, however, not only knew success, but also the nastiness of the haters.

  • Full name: Ryan Prevedel
  • Date and place of birth: June 2, 2002 in Pordenone
  • Where he lives: Milan
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • TikTok: ryanprevedel
  • Instagram: ryprevedel
  • YouTube: Ryan Prevedel

Ryan Prevedel as a child

Ryan Prevedel started sharing videos and images on social media when he was about thirteen years old, just like many of his peers. He has thus opened his own profile on Musical.ly. His experience, however, was not at all positive and, so, from a very young age, he known hate of haters and bullying. The many negative comments received, the offenses and attacks of the people he met on the street, pushed him to eliminate all traces of him from the web. After two years, then, he decided to return: and this time it was a success.

In parallel with his activity on TikTok, Ryan continues to study and attend school. He is, in fact, enrolled in a linguistic high school.

Ryan Prevedel’s family

There has always been a lot of curiosity about Ryan’s family. His name is not typically Italian and several times the boy had to clarify his origins. Prevedel’s mom is, in fact, Canadian.

Collaborations and quarrels

Ryan has befriended many social media stars, such as Elisa Maino and Luciano Spinelli. It was thanks to the latter that he decided to return to social media after the farewell because of the bullies. Invited to a party of his colleague, in fact, he found other creators who pushed him to resume his activities. Prevedel also managed to win over his colleague Olivia Ponton, international star of TikTok, who left comments of appreciation under his videos.

Ryan Prevedel’s activities

Fame on social media has earned Ryan important Awards. He was, thus, nominated for the Kids’ Choice Awards as a star of the web preferred by young Italian users, but failed to win the title.

Ryan Prevedel

Ryan Prevedel on Instagram.


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