Who is Sami in Salma Hayek’s life? He is very close to the actress who supports him and accompanies him to special events: “My exceptionally talented brother”. People Entertainment

Salma Hayek is known in the artistic world for her impeccable performances in countless film productions, apart from that she has a very enviable personal life, although she usually shares some special moments with her family.

Hayek, 57, maintains a very close relationship with her brother Sami Hayek, who is six years younger than the “Frida” protagonist, reports a note in Depor.

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Very little is known about Sami Hayek. In 2014, a car accident nearly took the life of the Mexican actress’s younger brother, who collided with a truck while driving a Ford GT, resulting in the death of his passenger, while leaving him hospitalized with multiple broken ribs. As stated in the above publication. ,

Who is Sami Hayek?

Sami Hayek studied at Pepperdine University in the United States and is dedicated to designing furniture. He found his vocation when he spent an exchange semester in Florence, Italy.

Sami has a studio called Hayek Studio where he displays all his work.

The Mexican recently published a video in which she expresses her affection for her younger brother.

Not an actor, Salma Hayek is looking for a multi-millionaire businessman for her friend Angelina Jolie and thus repeating the fairy tale story that the Mexican lives with the French magnate

“Sami, my exceptionally talented brother, I am so proud of you. Your hard work, determination, creativity and dedication have indeed paid off. “Congratulations on the opening of your excellent exhibition “Frequency”, he wrote on social networks.

On several occasions, Sami Hayek accompanies her sister to social events, such as a few days ago at the Baby2Baby charity event, as published by Venidas.

On that occasion, the “Son Como Niño” actress wore a beautiful sequin dress that clung tightly to her attractive body. The design caught the attention of everyone present, and also caused a stir on social networks due to Hayek’s beauty and glamour. (And)

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