Who is she and why did she become famous on Tiktok?

Taylor Dennery, better known online as Bella Porch, has nearly 100 million followers on TikTok. Instagram @bellapoarch

since he started uploading videos TIC TocTaylor Dennery, better known by this name on the Internet bella porchhas showcased its talent for the social network with content that has reached every corner of the globe.

This influencer not only He is one of the most followed people on the social network.But it has also established itself as a youth icon for new generations.

What is Bella Porch famous for?

It all started in August 2020, when the Filipino-born personality first went viral playback On Millie B’s song ‘Sof Aspin Send (Bass Boosted)’, at that time, His video on Tiktok became one of the most viral videos in historyAccumulating more than 58 million “likes”.

Since then, the influencer has become thousands of followers who have been with him all these years. So far, Bella Porch has nearly 100 million fans, making her the third most followed person on TikTokjust down khabane langda (160.5 million) and charlie d’amelio (150.8 million).

Bella Porch is the third person with the most followers on Tiktok.  Instagram @bellapoarch
Bella Porch is the third person with the most followers on Tiktok. Instagram @bellapoarch

Before becoming famous, in 2017, Porch enlisted in the United States Navy, where he currently resides. According to information, he served for three years GQ, Specialization as Helicopter Mechanic, During his childhood, he experienced abuse from his adoptive father, which led him to take this decision.

becoming famous on social media Taylor Dennery launches a clothing brand called RIPNDIP X Paca CollaborationIn 2020. A year later, he debuted in the music industry with his debut single ‘Build a B*tch’, which has accumulated over 461 million copies In youtube,

This led to him being hired by a record label. warner records, Later, he published his second single ‘Inferno’ in collaboration with Sub Urban. Last year, she released her first EP titled ‘Dolls’ which includes the above mentioned single as well as 3 other songs.

Bella Porch’s Latest Videos

In his latest video, Bella Porche is shown enjoying the tours and concerts, This is shown on his TikTok account, where he publishes several clips, such as when he visited Italy last week or his experience supporting his favorite band, tomorrow x together,

@bellapoarch MOA for life🫶🏻 @TOMORROW X TOGETHER ♬ original sound – Bella Porch

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