Who is the actress who lives in a small apartment with rats?

Model Julia Fox is at the center of media attention after sharing a tour of her simple apartment in New York. Unlike many celebrities, Julia does not choose to hide or show luxury in her everyday life, generating surprise and admiration for her practical and simple approach.

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In a video posted to her TikTok account, Julia Fox shows off her home, which is characterized by its compact size and messy ambiance. However, what catches the most attention is the presence of rats in her apartment, which Julia addresses with humor, saying that only one rat visits her, not several.

Unlike the ostentatious mansions of some celebrities, Fox’s apartment reflects a real, authentic life. In the video, you can see a dirty living room with a unmade bed and toys of her son Valentino. Clothes stored in the corners and a bathroom that also serves as a play area for your child show that the place is designed for family comfort.

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Valentino toys are found in the bathroom, and the lack of windows in the property makes it feel cozy but dimly lit. The kitchen, unlike the luxurious kitchens of other New York apartments, is simple and vintage, without high-end appliances. Right next door, there is a toy kitchen that your child uses to play.

There were a number of comments on the video, one of which stated that Julia was worth $30 million. Responding to this claim, Julia denied having this amount of money and insisted that she did not need it. Although she has the resources to move to a larger, more luxurious home, Julia feels comfortable in her current home. He believes that by raising his son in an ordinary place, he will be able to understand real life and as he grows up, he will appreciate it even more.

Julia Fox impresses with daring outfit at fashion gala

Actress and model Julia Fox, who is known for her bold fashion style, surprised everyone at the Pretty Little Things event hosted by supermodel Naomi Campbell in an effort to support the new generation of designers. At the event, Fox chose a group that challenged tradition and took the concept of bold fashion to a new level.

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Julia Fox’s daring outfit consisted of a metallic bra that barely covered her breasts, adorned with metal nipple shields and a padlock in the center, conveying a sense of stylish menace. Chains descended from the bra to her hips, creating a metal thong with Gothic elements.

To complete this provocative look, Fox wore a black leather trench coat from Naomi Campbell, which matched perfectly with heels of the same tone. Apart from this, she carried a black bag with studs as a complement. While Julia Fox is known for her bold fashion choices, this outfit can be considered one of her most daring to date.

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The event was attended by other fashion celebrities, including model Emily Ratajkowski, who also chose a revealing outfit that showed much of her skin. Ratajkowski wore a mustard-colored dress with a deep neckline that reached her waist, revealing her black underwear.

Julia Fox’s outfit at the event was reminiscent of the style that Emily Ratajkowski wore to Loewe’s spring-summer men’s show in Paris, where she wore an ankle-length trench coat and coat to combat the Paris heat. Admitted to being completely naked underneath.

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Julia Fox is making a bold statement in the fashion world, challenging traditional norms and taking the concept of risque glamor to new heights. Her choice of outfits remains a topic of discussion in the world of high fashion.

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