Who is the flirtatious coach of singer Karol G?

Yarishna Ayala is in charge of having the famous Puerto Rican singer Karol G training day and night, in addition to having shown to have an extremely enviable figure that everyone would like to have.

The truth is that the success of Karol G is not fortuitous, because behind everything there is also too much pressure.

Among them, acting classes, English, singing, rehearsal hours and above all, Gym to have her unique figure.

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And it is that showing off the body of La Bichota is not at all an easy job, however, the explosive trainer of the Colombian, Yarishna Ayala, She is responsible for showing off her usual threads and leaving everyone drooling with her figure.

In fact, Coachella 2022 was the goal for Karol G to hit the gym harder than ever next to a coach who makes you tremble until at least shy.

A perfectly shaped and almost 100 percent fat-free body is the main physical characteristic of Yarishna Ayala.

She is a Puerto Rican who put Karol G for long weeks to lift weight with her rearguard for what has been, until now, the most important night of her career.

It should be noted that both spent days in the gym training under the guidelines of the fitness expert.

This to the point, that she is already part of the G family, because in fact, she was in the front row enjoying her client and friend.

Even Papa G published a photo with the flirtatious brunette, because apparently the Giraldo family loves to train together and it is one of the activities they do often.

As you may remember, everyone, including La Bichota’s mother, works in the large company that Karol G involves.

There is no doubt that the work and effort are seen on stage and the singer dedicated a moving message before her presentation at Coachella:

May it last me an eternity.”

Without a doubt, this was something that marked the history of one of the most important music festivals in the United States, since there were more than 150 people working for 6 months.

La Bichota thanked them, her family, friends and of course, her physical trainer.

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