Who is the next VALORANT agent? Everything we know about ISO

riot games has just presented the latest addition to the VALORANT agent lineup, and Iso is already causing quite a stir. The excitement surrounding this mysterious character is palpable, as fans eagerly await his arrival on the battlefield.

In a recent trailer, Riot Games provided a preview of iso, giving players insight into the game’s ever-evolving story. The trailer’s backdrop, set after the explosion of the Kingdom facility, features a Kingdom scientist and his mercenary team speaking of Iso with an air of reverence. The words used to describe this enigmatic killer are enough to send shivers down your spine.

Iso’s seemingly supernatural abilities are a hot topic. RKnown as a “bulletproof magician,” the video shows him walking through a hail of bullets seemingly unharmed.. It remains a mystery whether the bullets deviate from him or simply miss the target. The highlight of the trailer comes when it is revealed that Iso managed to take out an entire squad with a single bullet, wielding a Sheriff. This feat hints a potential ability to remember bullets that could set him apart from the rest of the agent roster. The trailer concludes with a sneak peek, showing Iso fixing her gaze on none other than Omen.

Fortunately, VALORANT fans don’t have to wait to find out exactly what it will be like to play as Iso, as Riot Games has just released his gameplay trailer, where we can see his plethora of abilities in action, focusing primarily on defensive abilities that allow him survive what many others cannot. Still, official details about their set are a mystery, but leaks have started appearing on the internet.

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