Who is the president of Family and Community Medicine?

Permanent Board of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine headed by Remedios Martín.

Remedios Martín Álvarez becomes the new president of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (Semfyc). With a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a specialist in Family and Community Medicine, Martín has been elected to the position during the course of a extraordinary assembly held this Friday, held during the congress that these days brings together doctors from all over Spain in Seville.

The candidacy led by Martín was the the only one standing for this electionand maintains in the Permanent Board of the Semfyc a good number of the people already present in the previous one.

Martín herself, now president, has held the General Secretariat of the Board in this last legislature, and was a research member in the previous one, both hand in hand with Salvador Tranche as president-elect. The new president of the Semfyc replaces María Fernández García, who temporarily assumed the position after the death of Tranche.

The new Permanent Board will be formed by the following people:

Remedios Martin Alvarez, president
– Susana Aldecoa, First Vice President
– Gisela Galindo, Second Vice President
– Paula Chao, Third Vice President
– Laura Carbajo, secretary
– Maria del Campo Giménez, deputy secretary
– Miguel Angel Hernandez, treasurer
– Carmen Lázaro, member of Residents
– Jose Luis Hernández Galán, member of Innovation and Teaching
– Ignacio Párraga, member of Research
– Juan Antonio López Rodríguez, member of Formation and International
– Beatriz Gutiérrez, member of Young Family Doctors

After her appointment, her first words were in recognition of the value of the specialty: “I am proud to be a family doctor and I will work to recover the prestige of the specialty“, he assured.

What is the trajectory of Remedios Martín?

Martín studied the degree between 1985 and 1991 to later perform the specialty in the MIR promotion 1992-1995 of area 11 of Madrid, at the Hospital 12 de Octubre. Subsequently, she obtained a diploma in Research Methodology and She is a doctor of Medicine in the branch of Geriatricswith a Cum Laude degree, in 2003, from the Complutense University of Madrid.

She has been practicing as a family doctor since 1995 with assistance activity in Primary Care in the EAP los Rosales (Madrid) and currently at EAP Vallcarca (Barcelona). She herself points out that she has spent “half a professional life in Madrid, and half a professional life in Barcelona”. Today, in her current health center, she is Head of healthcare processes at CAP Vallcarca-Sant Gervasi.

Martín is a tutor for residents of Family and Community Medicine since 1998 (still practicing in Madrid), teaching work with which he continues to be linked, in the multiprofessional teaching unit of Aceba (Barcelona).

In this aspect of training and teaching, it is clinical associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona since 2012, and has been the director of several doctoral theses focused on Family Medicine and Primary Care.

His relationship with Semfyc started in 1998when she joined the Society’s Communication and Health Program-Group, where she was appointed a member of the coordinating team as head of research, a position she held from 2010 to 2016. She joined the first Permanent Board of Salvador Tranche as research member (term 2016-2019) and, as of 2019, occupies the Secretary of the Board of Directors.

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