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Scarlett Johansson watched one of her films with her daughter to see if she knew herself at just 11 years old. Et bien c’est raté… ou presque!

Il est toujours bluffant de voir nos parents-children who sit in videos or photographs. Mais lorsque ceux-ci sont des stars qu’on peut carrément voir grandir dans des des Movies, cela doit être complètement ahurissant… si on les reconnait!

In fact, in a 2021 interview with People, Scarlett Johansson revealed that she and her daughter Rose Dorothy, age 6, are considering the 1997 film Maman, which is busy with kids (or Home Alone 3). in the original version), in the interpretation of “Black Widow”, released 11 years ago.

Mom, I’m a mechanic This is the standalone Mommy I Love Aviation Suite (1992), I Love the Cult Mommy I Love Aviation Suite (1990). Additionally, this triple-film franchise was realized without actor Macaulay Culkin, creator Chris Columbus, or artist-composer John Williams.

Signed by Raja Gosnell in his feature debut and written and co-produced by John Hughes, the family comedy combines those goals with a cast starring Alex D. Lintz, Haviland Morris and Insecure. Scarlett Johansson qui, in full quarantine, is available to revisit some 90s visionary classes with children, as well as its own films not included in the lot.

The Oscar-nominated actress told people who are hesitant to watch the film with a child: “The new somms finally return to the nostalgic films of the 90s.“Avait-el,” I explained. And soon Rose fell in love with both premieres. Mom, I love Avion, Scarlett Johansson triple movie without warning or device.

Je voulais juste qu’elle fasse la découverte (elle-même)– Avait-elle exclaimed. “Bien sur, elle ne l’a pas fait, automobile commentary ce moi à 11 ans peut-elle lui rappeler le moi de maintenant?“Toutfoy, fillette avait just kissed the petit coup de pouce:”And I said, “Who is this man?!” Elle m’a dit: ‘Toy?’“Bingo!”

Twentieth Century Fox

Pour the descent, Mom, I’m a mechanic tells the story of Alex Pruitt, an 8-year-old boy who defends his home from a dangerous gang of international criminals working for a terrorist organization.

“Maman, I Do Mechanics” is currently available to stream on Disney+.

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