who is this person who shares the life of the singer?

Billie Eilish is an American singer-songwriter who was born on December 18, 2001 in Los Angeles.

Her first media outings were made with her older brother in 2015. The singer’s performances were a huge success. Today, its popularity is on the rise. Apart from the professional success of the latter, what can we know about her love life? This is the question posed by the many fans of the singer. Let’s find out the answer to the previous question later in this article.

Who is the man in Billie Eilish’s heart?

It is very rare to see Billie Eilish on social networks and the media to confide in her intimate life. Her love life remained veiled for a long time. We just know that she was previously in a relationship with rapper Brandon Q Adams from whom she is divorced. But today, we see the young singer in the company of a certain Matthew Tyler Vorce who would be the new fiancé. For our colleagues from Miroirmag, the latter would be in a relationship with Billie Eilish. But as always, the singer prefers to keep her love life quite private.

Is Billie Eilish actually in a relationship with Matthew Tyler Vorce?

According to the site melty.com, Billie Eilish seems too discreet about her private life. After the divorce with her ex-boyfriend Brandon Q Adams, the singer sees herself in the company of actor Matthew Tyler Vorce all the time. The postures in which we see the lovebirds suggest that they would be a couple. Billie Eilish and Matthew would therefore be living the perfect love for a long time already. Matthew Tyler Vorce is a young actor with a number of projects under his belt. Since these rumors have been circulating about their alleged life as a couple, the two have not seen fit to comment. While waiting for the passage of lovers on social networks and media to unveil the mystery around their love life, we can say for the moment and subject to verification that they are indeed in a relationship.

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