Who is Zoë Kravitz? The actress of ‘The Batman’ who could be one of the figures of the year

With the arrival of batman different things happen to movie theaters. The most obvious, the premiere of a new movie about the most famous superhero of all. The second, in opposition to more recent stories, this story will explore the most detective and initial version of the character, as we already told you in our review. The third, the return of a character that did not end up transcending within the franchise of Christopher Nolan, cat woman. In this last aspect, it is necessary to refer to the actress who plays him now, Zoe Kravitz.

She, along with Robert Pattinson, represents a rejuvenation of the Bat of Gotham-inspired adaptations. Both actors, after several successful projects, assume this leading role in the upward curve of their careers. For Zoë Kravitz, perhaps with less recognition in relation to Pattinson (who is still famous for her due to Twilight), his leading role can be understood as a milestone in his career.

Entering into the superhero cinema, today, is to open your way to entire seas of audiences and followers. Critical and equally committed to the stories they adapt in the cinema. In the adaptation of Matt Reeveswho directs batmanZoë Kravitz plays selina kyle, who, like Bruce Wayne is Batman, has his alter ego in Catwoman. Getting to this point, even coming from a family of stars, was not easy.

Zoë Kravitz’s family ancestry

The actress was born in 1998, from the link between the musician Lenny Kravitz and the actress Lisa Bonet. During the 1980s and 1990s, both were figures in his work areas. Bonet is considered one of the most beautiful actresses of the time, while Kravitz became a pop star who still has a significant fan base.

For Zoë Kravitz, the universe of catwalks, red carpets and stars from different artistic sectors was not strange. But neither was it a simple transition during his childhood and part of his adolescence. Growing up in an environment in which everything seemed perfect and aesthetically consistent with a canon (which seen from the present can be questioned) led to different insecurities in relation to her image.

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