Who really created Twitter? These are its origins

Twitter, a network of 330 million users

All the things that exist in the world have a history, a reason and an explanation. And of course, Twitter also has its own. A story that was born as something tiny on paper and that, as we see today, has crossed limits and borders.

A network that currently has more than 330 million users assets (a total of 1.3 billion accounts were created), and for what has now become the most important social network, which has made it increasingly popular among academics, as well as among students, politicians and the general public.

Still, the nimble nature of tweeting makes Twitter popular with users looking to much shorter content or easier to read than traditional texts. Thus, that makes it a type of information that may depend on whether you do it as a user or, where appropriate, as an organization, project or group. A story of the microbloggingas it is also known, who was born in 2006.

Originally, Twitter was intended to be an SMS system

In this way, in March 2006, Jack Dorsey launched the first tweet in the history of the platform, which said ‘Just setting up my twttr’ (just adjusting my Twitter). The truth is, as he himself commented on more than one occasion, at that time its creator was not thinking of Twitter as a microblogging network, in fact, they did not even remotely imagine that it would have the success that it later achieved.

First tweet Jack Dorsey Twitter 2006

As a much more modest option, Twitter was not intended to be more than a SMS system, but it was the users who gave themselves the name of tweeters and made the 140-character system one of the best-known social networks in the world. At the same time, its origins are also full of alliances and betrayals. Who are its true creators? In the official version there are three names: Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams, but there are those who refuse to remove Noah Glass from this list for his contributions. In fact, it was he who named the social network, a reason that seems more than enough to take him into account.

The illustrious three, with Jack Dorsey as the main protagonist, thought that the first name for the platform would be ‘Status us’, while later they thought of calling it ‘Twitch’, as the current live streaming platform, but finally the creatives decided to stay with the actual.

It all started with Evan Williams, who became famous in the sector for having sold Blogger, a blogging website, to Google. ‘Ev’ decided to finance and become CEO of Odeo, the internet podcast company of a friend of his, Noah Glass. Therefore, we can say that Williams was the thinking head of this social network. An idea that was not far from the origin of WhatsApp, devised years later.

His early years to this day

The year 2007, in which Twitter was born as an independent company and as a booming social network, would lay the foundations for what we know today. For example, in late summer the hashtag is entered, idea attributed to Chris Messina. That was the time when his big break came, when Twitter usage grew from 20,000 tweets a day to 60,000, and all through the music conference. South by Southwest Interactive.

The company then heavily promoted the program by advertising it on two giant plasma screens in the halls of the conference, with Twitter feeds, where conference attendees began avidly tweeting messages.

Origin story Twitter owner

Three years later, joy ran through the company. And it is that in 2009 its users increased from 5 to 71.3 million. This unexpected success meant that its creators had to face a lot of problems and internally the company began to crumble, once Noah Glass was removed, Williams suggested Dorsey’s expulsion and so it was done.

In the summer of 2008, Twitter will receive a second round of investment with names as well known as the popular Jeff Bezos, today the owner of Amazon. By then, this social network was already publishing 100 million messages per quarter. And that year ends with the departure of Jack Dorsey from Twitter 8a to which he will return in 2011). Around him, 140 million messages a day are published on it and it establishes itself as a social network for major events, from the World Cup to the NBA finals, the Superbowl and other sporting, musical and technological events.

Now after the acquisition of Elon Muskthis will become its owner, replacing Parag Agrawal, still CEO, and who has the support of Jack Dorsey himself (who, as we mentioned, was also in charge for several years).

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