Who recommended his signing and what will happen if he doesn’t stay?


With a suitcase full of illusions, this is how the offensive midfielder set sail this Sunday Yeison Mejia from the Ramón Villeda Morales airport in La Lima, Cortés to the United States.

The player whose token belongs to the Royal Spain will be tested with the Sporting Kansas City of the MLS and in his mentality there is only the conviction that he will become the eighth legionnaire in football in the first American category.

At a very crowded air terminal, at about 11:45 pm, the 24-year-old footballer appeared and was waited for by diary TENkindly granted an interview EXCLUSIVE to talk about the opportunity he had been waiting for so long.

Yeison revealed who was one of the most important authors for him to have such an opportunity abroad and was moved to remember everything he has experienced to get to this moment, as well as regretting not having lifted a title with Real Spain since his arrival in 2020.


Start your second experience as a legionnaire, how do you face this challenge?

Thank God for this opportunity that I had been looking for for a long time, now all that remains is to work on getting to the team and giving my best. There are no nerves, she took it very calmly. I have been working for a long time to have that nice experience abroad. I think that every player longs to leave his country.

How are you physically?

Fine. Whenever I go to my town I go to the beach to run to keep up and that has characterized me, even though I am not training with the team I take care to prepare myself for these things because when one least expects them they come.

You had a fantastic last semester with Real España, how important do you think that was for you to become a legionnaire today?

Yes, at Real España I always gave my best, I was very constant in the team and Kansas had been keeping an eye on me, but I didn’t expect everything to happen so quickly. Just have to thank God.

Did you renew with Real España and this opportunity came up a few days later?

I renewed with Royal Spain, but I put that clause that if I got an opportunity abroad before the 31st of this month, I would leave without any problem. We are on good terms with the president Elias Burbara and he is happy. My priority was always to make the leap abroad and I never lost faith that at some point a team was going to approach me. In Honduras, it was always first to be here with them.

Still renewed, have you always been looking for a team abroad?

Yes of course. This is a huge blessing and thank God it was given to me. Throughout the month it was said that yeson I went here or there. If I don’t get to stay in Kansas, I would return to Real España because the clause is there and I have to fulfill the contract.

Why did the renewal with the aurinegros cost so much?

I was waiting for him to make the leap abroad and I was in my hometown with my family spending Christmas and the New Year, but the president was always constantly calling me, writing to me and we ended up agreeing.

How is the situation of this signing?

There is no signed contract yet, but I am going to do the preseason with them, they want to watch me to see if I can convince the coach (Peter Vermes) and once I achieved it, I can stay and sign the final contract.

Have you already had the opportunity to speak with someone from the team?

Yes, I have had communication with Roger Espinoza, who is the compatriot who plays there and is an excellent person and I know that he will support me once I am there.

Did Roger Espinoza recommend you?

They sent my video to him, but he had already seen me play, so he spoke highly of me and I am seriously grateful.

What do you know about Sporting Kansas City?

I don’t know much yet, but I’m already following the team’s page, hopefully being there I’ll be able to interact much better with my teammates and hopefully things will go well for me.

How do you see the United States league?

It is a league that has been growing and great players have arrived. I am certain that I will end up fitting in very well in the league due to my abilities. I like it a lot.

Are you excited to rub elbows with great world soccer stars?

Since childhood one dreams of playing alongside the best. I go with enormous enthusiasm and putting effort and claw into each training session. I hope God first to become the next legionnaire.

Why didn’t you accept the Greek soccer offer?

I rejected it because it did not attract my attention, I feel that it was very little and my intention was that something more valuable would come out. It was very little (economically).

A couple of years ago I was playing in the second division and fighting for relegation with Real Sociedad. Is this a prize for perseverance?

It is the effort of the day to day. A few years ago I was at Parrillas One, I went to the second division of Guatemala and at Real Sociedad was where I made myself known. Everything has been a sacrifice in life, believe me it has not been easy, I just have to be convinced with my mother that she is the one who is always constant with me and my father who has supported me when things have not worked out for me.

What is the ceiling for you?

Go as far as possible, first if the MLS is finalized and then go to Europe, that is the mentality to go further than I imagine.

Now as a legionnaire, the national team could be very close?

Every player longs to be in his team, I hope everything is given to me and work very hard to reach the Bicolor.

Do you see yourself abroad for many years?

I hope to return to the country when I am between 35 and 34 years old. I must be professional and if you take care of yourself it can go a long way.

Go back to that age to retire with?

We’ll see how things go and return to retire at Real España or Real Sociedad, who was the team that made me known in Honduras.

Do you leave with the thorn of not having been champion with Real España?

The truth yes. I had all the desire, but well, hopefully this tournament can be achieved and all the fans of Real España give it that joy.

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