Who was going to play Marilyn Monroe in the first adult-only movie on Netflix?

According to the criticism specialized, the film that we tell you about next is one of the most anticipated by audiences around the world because it is a production based on real events, a production that also portrays an intense story full of strong emotions, but also strong scenes, so it is considerate the banned movie from Netflix since it is for adults.

It’s about the movie “Blonde”, which was made 10 years ago and is still waiting for its premiere, one of the reasons is because it is considered a production practically forbidden due to its content loaded with strong sexual and violent scenes.

This tape was expected to reach the platform of red logo on April 27, but the premiere in said company has been delayed due to the fear that this film may hurt the sensitivity of certain users.

What is the movie about

“Blonde” narrates the life of Marilyn Monroe, and according to what is known, this tape will be the first produced by Netflix to obtain an NC-17 rating, which means that it is content only for adults.

“Blonde” is directed by Andrew Dominik and stars the beautiful Cuban actress Anne of Armsplus it’s based on the epic novel by Joyce Carol Oates.

Ana de Armas is the Cuban actress who stars in “Blonde”. Photo: Special

It is worth noting that Ana de Armas is considered by Many one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the industry today, who currently stars in this film that follows the wait to see the light, however, initially another actress was considered to give life to Marilyn Monroe.

The actress who was originally going to star in “Blonde”

Although he does not yet have date Official arrival at Netflix, “Blonde” will debut at the Venice Film Festival, where its protagonist Ana de Armas has been invited.

However, recently the news has drawn attention that in a beginning this film that will tell the life of the most famous blonde in Hollywood was originally going to be starring by actress Naomi Watts.

Naomi Watts was going to be the lead in “Blonde.” Photo: Special

Nevertheless, Watts rejected the project, so Jessica Chastain was later talked about as a substitute, although in the end it was the Cuban actress, De Armas, star of “The intership” the one chosen for the role of this film, considered one of the most anticipated of the year.



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