Who were the most listened to artists on Spotify during August 2023?

Without a doubt, music enters the lives of millions of people every day spotify Makes a big business out of providing a huge window into the world of the most influential sounds of the moment and creating our own musical cloud around the artists we see in our daily routines. With each step users take into the exciting music world, many artists move on the scene like chess pieces, making them appear as leaders or give up positions in the rankings of the most listened to at that time .

Many times the singers who lead the national music scene do not usually match those who do so on the global stage, but Spotify is responsible for maintaining a dynamic in which the whole world can know who the leading artists of the application are. In this respect, the month of August is also no exception and that is why we have brought for you The 10 most listened to artists on SpotifyThat is, all those who managed to become an important part of the soundscape of millions of people’s lives and whose presence on streaming platforms reflects the direction that the music industry is taking today.

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It happens that the platform is in charge of measuring the monthly listeners that each artist receives, which should not be confused with the total number of listeners, as these are much higher.

So he leads the stage with his distinctive voice and style that creates an excellent fusion between the R&B and pop genres. weekend, the most-listened-to artist in August with 109.29 million monthly listeners, has added another month of market dominance. follows him closely Taylor Swift, Which has a huge number of fans who are responsible for maintaining it on the top positions without any interruption.

Latin blood comes in third place bad bunny, Who has managed to keep his catchy lyrics and avant-garde style present among the global audience. Furthermore, his current relationship with Kendall Jenner has helped him gain even more ground on the world stage with 79.41 million listeners. with only 2 million less dua lipa Thanks to his unique energy and charming charisma, he has become one of the most important artists today and is ranked fourth in the ranking.

He remains in fifth place Ed Sheeran With 77.07 million monthly listeners who turn to the British singer’s emotional songs and catchy lyrics whenever they get the chance. drakeFor his part, appears in sixth place, surprising his followers with his distinctive hip-hop and ability to mix styles.

So there are great current musicians making the top 10. Ranked 7th with 74.97 million monthly listeners RihannaAfter billie eilish With 72.30 M, almost the same amount Justin bieber, which places itself in the new position. Thus, in last place is the king of electronic music, David GuettaWith 72.16 million.

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