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Some users TIM, these days, they are getting a message SMS: the sender is their own operator, who warns them of the progressive shutdown of part of its telephone network and of consequences that the user will suffer if it does not change the smartphone. It is not the first time that TIM has sent messages of this type, it had already happened in November 2021.

The message, reported in full by MondoMobileWeb, is a bit difficult for the average user to understand and is part of the new TIM communication campaign relating to the so-called switch off“of the 3G network. Nothing to do with the more well-known switch off of Digital Terrestrial, even if once again everything starts from the need of telephone operators to implement the new fast 5G network. For technical reasons, in fact, in some areas of Italy it is not possible “switch on“the 5G network without”switch off“the 3G network (it would create too much electromagnetic pollution) and, consequently, users who still have old SIMs and old phones are likely to suffer shortly inconvenience and to find problems, even serious.

Switch off: TIM’s message

L’SMS sent by TIM explains that, starting with April 2022, “TIM will start the gradual shutdown of the 3G network, which will be replaced by 4G and 5G technologies. Since your smartphone does not support calls with new technologies, in the absence of a 3G network, you will use the 2G network to make calls and send text messages, but will no longer be able to surf the Internet on the 4G network at the same time. To make the most of the quality of the TIM network, we suggest you consider replacing your old smartphone“.

Translated into simple words: TIM is about to turn off the 3G network, so those who have a smartphone that fully supports this technology will soon no longer be able to use it. Since the phone will no longer find the 3G network, it will automatically switch to the 2G network (which, however, will remain active for several more years).

In practice this will lead to severe slowdowns in Internet browsing and other problems, depending on the type of phone used. For this TIM invites users to “cut off the bull’s head“, Buying one new smartphone that is at least 4G.

Switch off TIM: who has to change phones

The hypotheses, in this scenario, are two: who has a 3G phone only and who, on the other hand, has a first generation 4G phone which does not support the “Voice over LTE” technology (also called VoLTE: phone calls are sent as data on the 4G network).

Phones (but also tablets, routers, keys and alarm or home automation systems) in 3G technology will continue to make and receive calls and SMS as before, but using the 2G network. They will still be able to access the Internet, but a very low speed.

Phones and other first generation 4G devices, without VoLTE, will be able to surf in 4G, but phone calls and SMS will pass over the 2G network. Since the phone will use two different networks for calling and browsing, the user will encounter a annoying problem: will not be able to surf and talk on the phone at the same time.

An example of such a situation is when the user puts a call on speakerphone to search for something on the Internet: if your phone does not support VoLTE it will no longer be able to do so.

Switch off TIM: who has to change SIM

To these problems, which depend on the type of telephone used, are added those that depend on the type of SIM owned by the user: even those who have an old SIM with a capacity of less than 128K will encounter problems.

In this case, regardless of the phone used, the only network to which you can connect (for everything: calls, SMS and Internet) will be that 2G. Navigation, therefore, will be very slow even if the phone is recent because the device will not be able to connect to the 3G network (which will no longer exist), nor the 4G, nor the 5G network (when it arrives).

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