who will not go to Petro’s possession?

The possession of Gustavo Petro promises to be a national holiday. On Sunday, more than 100,000 people are expected to attend the celebrations from the center of the capital alone. Most of the leaders of the region will be there in the first row. The obligatory guests, the former presidents; however, they have not confirmed all.

The turn of the country to the left has a very happy sector of politics and another very dissatisfied. This reality is seen more strongly in the list of confirmations for the event of the former presidents of the Republic. This is how the status goes so far.

Cesar Gaviria Trujillo (1990-1994)

Cesar Gaviria Trujillo. Former President of the Republic. Bogotá April 30, 2021. Photo: Juan Carlos Sierra-Semana Magazine. – Photo: Juan Carlos Sierra

“We express our congratulations on your election, and the intention of the Liberal Party, together with the Historic Pact and the Green Party, to form the Congress coalition,” Gaviria said before Gustavo Petro’s victory.

“This will allow the president-elect to overcome a political hurdle, and to be able to demonstrate that he will have a coalition in his favor that will enable him to exercise his status as the winning party in the presidential election,” he added. In addition, he pointed out that the fact of having the president of the Senate of the Historical Pact is “essential to implement his government plan,” he added in the text.

The two later met up in Italy and took a photo of each other embracing. Gaviria is expected to accompany Petro on August 7.

Ernesto Samper Pizano (1994-1998)

Ernest Samper
Ernesto Samper Pizano (1994-1998) – Photo: pilar mejía cifuentes-week

Politically, the former liberal president is the one who has gained the most from the bouquet of former presidents with Petro’s triumph. In fact, some of the ministers appointed by the leader of the Historical Pact were part of his cabinet.

Samper made the most enthusiastic announcement that he will be there on August 7 in the front row. “I have had my possession suit ready for four years, waiting for me to use it. It’s new. I had the privilege of not being summoned four years ago in the Casa de Nariño. For this reason, I hope to return to the presidential palace and that the opposition can also go, which is what usually happens in democratic processes.”

Andres Pastrana Arango (1998-2002)

Andres Pastrana Arango
Andres Pastrana Arango – Photo: Diana Sanchez

The conservative former president not only announced that he would not attend, but also took the opportunity to dispatch himself against the new government in atypical terms for a former president.

“I appreciate the invitation to fill out the form for the 2022 Presidential Command Transfer Ceremony, an honor that I must decline due to the insurmountable ethical and political differences that separate us,” he said.

“The question mark surrounding the counting of the popular vote is a Damocles sword on the legitimacy of the electoral process and the democratic continuity after the four years of the mandate.”

“His pacts with convicts in La Picota prison and the national agreement with a letter of marque for the corrupt open the door to redoubled looting of the state coffers. The de facto legalization of the crops that feed drug trafficking and its commitment to wipe the slate clean with the drug mafias are the path to a narcocracy,” he said.

Alvaro Uribe Velez (2002-2010)

Alvaro Uribe
Alvaro Uribe Velez – Photo: alexandra ruiz poveda-week

Former President Uribe, despite having been the historical antagonist of Gustavo Petro, has had a fairly cordial relationship with him after the victory. A few weeks ago he had said: “I have withdrawn from public events, the only thing I did was 45 days of campaigning with flyers. I was grateful to the Colombians. If I do not attend the inauguration, I will make a respectful call to President Petro”.

Then he stated that: “For my part, with arguments and in a respectful way, the most important thing is the channels of dialogue with the president. I have always liked dialogue when it is sincere. So be it of controversy, of opposites. You have to approach with principles, but without vicious attitudes”.

Finally, the former president announced that he will not attend. “Today I phoned President-elect Gustavo Petro, I kindly thanked him for the invitation to his inauguration, I excused myself from attending because I have had a prisoner complex for two years. I will not attend due to the modesty derived from my legal situation, which I wish to overcome (…). The comrades of the Democratic Center will attend the inauguration, a symbol of our democracy,” the former president announced.

The entire caucus of the Democratic Center, by his instruction, will be in office that day.

Juan Manuel Santos (2010-2018)

Juan Manuel Santos Former President
Juan Manuel Santos Former President – Photo: esteban vega la-Rotta-week

“Today democracy won with record participation. I wish @PetroGustavo success in his government, that he unites Colombia and leads it along the path of peace,” Juan Manuel Santos said on Twitter on the day of the leftist leader’s victory.

Santos has let it be known that he feels calm with the arrival of Gustavo Petro, who is a defender of the peace process. “I support 100% the new president of Colombia in his determination to implement the peace process and have the Special Justice for Peace (JEP) as a model for the pacification of the country,” Santos said in dialogue with the newspaper Folha from São Paulo (Brazil).

Ivan Duke (2018-2022)

President Iván Duque pointed out that the reduction of inflation has not only influenced
Ivan Duke (2018-2022) – Photo: Presidency of the Republic/Web

“I have had the opportunity to talk with him, I want him, his government and Colombia to do well. I am not going to be assuming any role as an obstacle, so that the institutional debate that is required on multiple policies can take place in the country,” said President Duque.

In the hands of the Casa de Nariño is the organization of August 7, as is the tradition in this country.

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