Why Amber Heard is considered the most beautiful woman in the world according to science

When we talk about beauty, we could differ a lot from each other according to our own perspective and what it means for each person to be beautiful. However, there are certain rules and mathematical methods that show how beautiful or perfect a figure is by means of numbers, which can also be applied to the human face. The golden ratio is a link between a series of numbers, proposed by the ancient Greeks, that reflect the beauty of things created by man, but can also be found in nature.

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This science is so precise that until our times it is used for the realization of works of art, architecture and graphic design, but would it work the same for the human face? Apparently yes, and the (famous) woman with the most beautiful and perfect face in the world has already been found, and it is Amber Heard. It is true that in recent months her name has been involved in controversy over her legal encounter with Johnny Depp, but that does not detract from her physical beauty.

In 2016, the plastic surgeon Julian Silva of the Center for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in London, published in US Weakly his studies on beauty inspired by the golden ratio of the Greeks, and he took as a base famous faces to start his search for perfection. This technique focused on the human face was named by the surgeon as “facial mapping”, where calculations are made between the structure of the face, the shape of the chin, lips, nose, etc.

According to De Silva’s study, Heard meets 91.85% compatibility. But we must also recognize the rest of the stars that were part of this investigation because, although they have not reached the figure of the co-star of Aquaman – 73%, there are still certain parts of their faces that are close to mathematical perfection. For example, Kim Kardashian met 91.39%, which would put her in second place.

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Kardashian stands out for the ideal shape of her eyebrows. On the other hand, it is Kate Mossalso ex-partner of Johnny Depp, who achieved 91.06% and is considered to have the best forehead proportions; Emily Ratajkowski follows with 90.8% that stands out for her lips and Kendall Jenner with 90.18%. In addition, other names that stood out were Scarlett Johansson because of her eyes and Rihanna because of the shape of her face.

The truth is that having the most beautiful face in the world will not be of much help for what you are currently facing. Amber HeardWell, after losing the trial, he continues to be controversial with each statement he makes or the way in which he continues to challenge the star of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – 79%. In addition to the fact that his job opportunities are on the brink of the abyss.

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So far it is not entirely clear what will happen in the future with her career, nor if she will be completely replaced in the DCEU or if Warner Bros. will break ties with her as it did with Johnny Depp initially.

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