Why are artists like Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato leaving Scooter Braun?

Recent departures of some artists have undermined the credibility of American arts manager, Scooter Braun. Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato recently parted ways with the businessman and his communications company, SB Projects, according to Billboard.

Another case of particular interest is that of Idina Menzel who, according to some entertainment portals, would be willing to move away from her artistic representative; However, the proximate causes are not known. In 2013, Menzel achieved worldwide fame by performing the song Let it go from the Disney movie frozen,

In Ariana Grande’s case, it is notable that she has maintained a professional relationship with Braun since the beginning of her career, also in 2013, when she signed the album. Sincerely,

In less than a decade, Grande has released six studio albums, five of which have reached number one on the Billboard pop charts. for now, the interpreter of thanks, next Dedicated to his acting career. If the news is true, this wouldn’t be the first time that Ariana has cut Scooter from her payroll.

On her part, Lovato ended her employment relationship with Braun, which began in 2019, when the singer was fighting a tough battle with addictions. It was precisely in those four years that Demi re-established herself in the music industry.

The other person who has been speculated to have split from Braun is Justin Bieber, although the news is yet to be confirmed. And it would be because of the strong feud a few years ago between Braun and American exponent, Taylor Swift.

In 2018, Swift launched a legal battle to reclaim the rights to her records, which were under the intellectual protection of Big Machine Records, a company owned by Braun. author of Blank space He said that the producers “blackmailed” him into performing at least eight of his own songs from the album in the Netflix documentary.

The feud between Swift and Braun began when her former record label was acquired by Scooter’s owner Ithaca Holdings for $300 million. Due to what experts have called a “poorly negotiated contract”, Swift was not able to prevent her music material, at least a decade old, becoming the property of the American giant.

At some point, Big Machine Records offered to sign Swift back, but she refused, saying that she was taking the same risk if she continued to produce music, that is, that her work was unclaimed. Will go into the hands of Braun. The singer, who is now 33, decided to continue working with her label, Republic Records.

As per portal sources Diversity, Grande and Bieber’s alleged departures are rather rumours. The company SB Projects is working on expanding its operations, as Braun was recently appointed CEO of South Korean entertainment company HYBE America, whose representatives include the most important K-pop group BTS.

Some other sources said that Bieber has already consulted with several lawyers as he plans to leave Braun soon. So far, the strongest cards in Scooter’s business portfolio are Justin Bieber, Tori Kelly and Ashley Graham.

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