why are they among the 100 most influential people in the world?


Last year, Andrew Garfield and Zendaya established themselves as two of the biggest players in the industry and now they’ve made it official. Find out why they are considered part of the list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Andrew Garfield and Zendaya©GettyAndrew Garfield and Zendaya

In 2021 an unlikely duo is created: Andrew GarfieldYes Zendaya. The actors worked together for the first time in Spider-Man: No Coming Home which premiered in December and they have become great friends. In fact, they showed it again at the Oscars where they met on the red carpet and awed at the chemistry they showed in front of everyone.

This is because during Spider-Man: No Coming Homesuch Andrew Garfield What Zendaya They developed a touching friendship. It is that, as we know, the interpreters starred in one of the most emblematic scenes of the film in which his Spider-Man saves MJ. Without a doubt, it was redemption for Peter Parker from Garfield who couldn’t save his Gwen (Emma Stone) in his last film.

However, now Andrew Garfield Yes Zendaya again the star of one of the most important times of the year. Apparently the great success they had in 2021 with their work, both with No coming home, tick tick boom Yes Tammy Faye’s eyes in his case as with euphoria Is dunes in his case, it brought them to the top. And so the magazine made it clear Weather.

Said medium recently exposed the list of the 100 most influential people in the world and Garfield and Zendaya are among them. Of course, it should be noted that they have been divided and do not belong to the same group of influence. In Andrew’s case, he was included as an artist since his talent has been demonstrated in all the works he has done recently. In fact, his portrayal of Jonathan Larson in Tick, tick, boom It earned him an Oscar nomination.

But, in Zendaya’s case, she was among the most influential people in the world as an innovator. This means that they do not see her as an influence just because of her artistic talent, but also because of her autonomous creative force in which she always shows empathy and respect. Moreover, in recent months, she was one of the most nominated people in the world and, therefore, the magazine did not hesitate to consider her.

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