Why can Cristiano Ronaldo make his debut with Al-Nassr despite the penalty he carries?

After the presentation that Cristiano Ronaldo had with Al-Nassr the entire football world is waiting for the debut of the Portuguese striker in this new stage of his careerHowever, the debut remains in the air amid a great unknown due to the sanction of two games he received from the FA Cup.

In accordance with official regulations despite no longer serving in the Premier League, Christian he must comply with the two-match ban received during his days at Manchester United with his new clubwhich would frustrate seeing him this weekend against Al Taee.

Originally Al-Nassr’s match against Al Taee would take place this Thursday, however, due to electrical failures in the stadium the match was forced to be postponedbeing this Thursday when it takes place.

In this situation various reports from the Saudi media indicate that there is the possibility that this Friday is the first time that CR7 officially wears the shirt of Al Nassrthis despite the FA sanction for the incident with a fan’s cell phone last season.

Why could Cristiano Ronaldo debut with Al-Nassr despite the two-game ban?

According to the reports already mentioned, Al-Nassr has already received the international letter from Cristiano Ronaldo, which does not include any stipulated sanction. Reason why the five-time Ballon d’Or winner could have minutes if coach Rudi García so decides.

That is how This Friday the world of football will be waiting for Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut, which will be revealed hours before the match and will put an end to speculation about the sanction that the former Manchester United player still has pending.

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