why Chandler Riggs abruptly left the series


The actor who played Carl Grimes in the AMC series said goodbye in the eighth season with the tragic death of his character and a special request to his father, Rick Grimes.

The actor was almost 19 years old when he said goodbye to the series.
© IMDbThe actor was almost 19 years old when he said goodbye to the series.

Throughout all the seasons, The Walking Dead suffered the loss of several characters who were perishing at the hands of the zombies and the different enemies of the protagonists. Some deaths were justified by the same comics written by Robert Kirkman and others for decisions linked to behind the scenes. For this reason, many knew how to anticipate the murder of Glenn (Steven Yeun) but it took them a while to find out MaggieLauren Cohan he had left due to problems with production.

One of the actors who attracted the most attention after the death of his character was Chandler Riggsresponsible for interpreting Carl Grimes throughout eight seasons. There were eight years in which the artist was seen to grow on screen and become one of the referents of The Walking Dead. According to the publications of KirkmanIt was assumed that carl he was to become a crucial leader for the survivors.

However, in the 9th episode of the 8th season, Carl was hit by zombies while escaping with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), his father, and the rest of his friends. The tension that was created around the sequence was such that it was not known that he had been bitten until everyone seemed to be safe. It was then that an injury to the abdomen was discovered, causing Rick had to face his second great loss after the death of lori.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter toast in 2017, Scott M. Gimpleshowrunner of The Walking Deadexplained: “It was a twist in history, that’s all”. It is that, some rumors spoke that the actor had asked to be killed and others that he had had problems with the production. “We don’t get any orders or anything like that. It all had to do with the story. It’s incredibly hard to lose someone you’ve worked with for as long as we did with him. It was very hard”. assured Gimple.

The impact on Chandler Riggs and his family

For Chandler Riggsthe death of carl it was not easy at all. The artist was going to start college and had bought a house in Georgia near the filming site, but he had to give up this and move to Los Angeles to continue betting on his acting career. “It was devastating for me and my family because the series was a huge part of my life for a long time”explained Riggs a The Hollywood Reporter. After the decision about this character was known, William Riggsthe father of Chandlermade a post on Facebook which he later deleted where he said: “Chandler was completely devastated. He let me down Scott was not honest with a 17-year-old boy making decisions and waited to tell us “.

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