Why choose Family Medicine in the MIR 2023?

The complicated situation that the Family medicine in Spain it is a factor to take into account among youths that are examined from LOOK This Saturday, January 21. Despite this scenario, both the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (semergen) and as the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG) do not give up 2023 callalthough they recognize that, if the situation does not improve, the concern will no longer be the specialty, but saving the sanitary system full.

“It is logical that in situations of difficulty when carrying out a job, the person disoriented and decided to back down”, he admits in Medical Writing Pilar Rodriguez Ledovice president of SEMG, who in turn defends that “people who really have a vocation for Family Medicine they must let themselves go and improve it together. It is very difficult for the specialty to pass through moments worse than the presentand unless nobody is interested in rescuing it, there is only the way to improve ”.

Vincent Martinresponsible for University in the Semergen Board of Directors, assumes in Medical Writing feel a “ambivalent feeling before the situation that the specialty is going through. The situation of Primary Care It is bad, but it is not very different from what happens in hospitals and Services. There is the conviction that a generation of young people will bet on Family, which continues to have enormous appeal.

Ledo: “It is difficult for Family Medicine to go through worse times than the current one”

Faced with the possibility of giving up this MIR call Given the tense situation in the specialty, both specialists flatly deny that is going to happen. “The people who have vocation of the specialty in all its aspects should know that, if it continues to exist, it will not be in these conditions”, exposes Ledo. Martín follows in the footsteps of the vice president of SEMG, defending that “no call will ever be considered lost, despite the circumstances that Family Medicine is going through. The administrations must get involved to return to the path that was abandoned due to the 2008 crisis and the current one, in addition to solving the generational replacement”.

The uncertain future of Family Medicine

The question that Ledo throws into the air is, beyond the number of students who decide to choose Family Medicine, “how long will he will be able to hold the specialty and the health system in this situation if you don’t want it to disappear. If the situation lasts much longer, the main concern will be the health system itself.

Martín explains that it is difficult defend that youth go into Primary Care if “the only thing you hear is that it is made a disaster. Furthermore, in the faculties of Medicine specialty unknown. What is not known is not desired, and student rotations through health centers are scarce. On the other hand, Spain has little tradition in Family Medicine, since it has practically developed in the 19th century. XXI”.

Martín: “In the faculties of Medicine the specialty is unknown. What is not known is not wanted”

Despite the difficult situation that the specialty Today, Ledo argues that if “a person likes this approach and Lifestylemore emotional than rational, after the MIR he must choose Family Medicine without a doubt”. A similar vision is the one defended by Martín, arguing that “being able to follow a family, a human group, over the years it is very beautiful. In addition, one of the main factors that increase the Life expectancy It is the time that a person spends with the family doctor”.

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