Why December 2 will be a sad day for Fortnite


  • Fortnite’s OG update has been a huge success, attracting players who haven’t played in years and setting new records for player engagement.
  • However, the OG event is only temporary and will end on December 2, which could lead to a decline in Fortnite’s popularity.
  • The end of the OG event will also bring greater scrutiny to recent controversies, such as age restrictions on cosmetics, which could worsen the overall perception of the game.

fortniteThe amazing ability to evolve and be consistently relevant was demonstrated once again recently, with the popular title releasing its OG update. The update has largely tapped into the nostalgia surrounding the early days of the battle royale game, generating huge amounts of success that have set new records for launch.

The OG update for fortnite has brought a lot of attention to the game, but this could easily take a toll in the coming weeks. In particular, December 2 is an imminent date that could be devastating for fortnitemarking perhaps the most important creative decision Epic Games will have had to make in a long time.

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Fortnite OG will soon come to an end

End of chapter and season and map.

fortnite OG launched on November 3, returning the game to its 2017 release status by reintroducing it. fortniteThe original map and weapons. Every week there are new changes in fortnite OG, with the event changing rapidly through the different map locations and teams that the original seasons of fortnite inserted.

The OG mode has been a great success for fortniteappealing to the nostalgia of players who haven’t played the game in years and significantly strengthening its player base as a result.

During the OG event, fortnite has accumulated the following impressive achievements:

  • In one day, fortnite logged more than 100 million player hours
  • fortnite achieved a new record of daily players of almost 50 million people
  • At a point, fortnite broke its concurrent player count with over 5 million concurrent players

While it’s easy to get carried away with this success, fortnite OG is only a seasonal event and will end on December 2nd. Players are already worried about what comes next. fortnite After the OG event ends, the title’s return to normal could be detrimental to the new player base and engagement the game has benefited from.

December 2nd could then mark the beginning of a huge drop in the popularity of fortnite, and the success of OG goes some way to confirming that the title’s best days are behind it. Despite this, fortnite is known for its ability to survive and adapt, meaning it could easily revolutionize its formula and find similar success in future events.

The end of Fortnite OG will make recent controversies seem worse

Once the excitement of the OG event wears off after December 2, fortnite He will also open himself to greater scrutiny surrounding the recent controversies he has faced. For example, fortnite It recently angered gamers by introducing age restrictions on many of its cosmetics, which rightly angered many paying customers. This anger will only be compounded once the OG event ends, given the general disappointment that will surround the game as a whole as a result.

that’s it fortnite OG has been hugely beneficial to the game, but the lows the event will bring can be just as impactful as the highs. With the event coming to an end in the coming weeks along with some major controversies for the game, the peak of fortnite could meet a sad end on December 2.



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