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Atlético Nacional fell 3-1 against Bucaramanga, on the ninth date of the I-2022 League. The purslane team was overtaken by a local team that knew how to attack them and took advantage of errors in defense and spaces on the mark. One of the details in the game was the change of goalkeeper for the complementary stage, Aldair Quintana started, but they scored two goals and for reasons that had nothing to do with any injury, the green ‘1’ was replaced by Kevin Mier .

At the end of the game, at a press conference, coach Alejandro Restrepo did not want to refer to the issue, he also added that they do not need to hire another goalkeeper, taking into account that the transfer market closes until next Friday, March 4. “Aldair’s theme (Quintana) was a dressing room and we want to leave it totally closed. Nacional’s goalkeepers are trained to be here and this is a time to revalidate that decision”, he remarked.

Regarding the process of the commitment, Restrepo stated that “it was a game in which we knew the kind of rival we were going to face, with experienced players. We had to have a game, without mistakes, to avoid fugues and we felt that at the moment when we were playing the best, the goals from Bucaramanga arrived, we were not able to replace them and from there the game developed. We had situations, but we didn’t finalize them, then we ended up playing with 10, they with fresh men and playing on the counterattack, it became more difficult for us”.

In addition, “we knew that it was going to be a difficult rival due to the intensity, the new coaching staff and the experienced players. We were surprised by the inclusion of three players who had not been starters. The full-backs weren’t as deep, they had other players who were deeper, we saw a Bucaramanga with a different way of playing”.

Regarding its continuity, the coach remarked that “we were all in Paraguay, we have been very united and in each conversation, each meeting, we feel the support not only of the directors, but of the players”.

Regarding the performance of the youth players, Restrepo said that “they had an acceptable game and the great ones even when the team was complete, they went to the front, they wanted to show their faces, beyond specific situations that did not allow us to get the result. This is an important group, of great people who will be able to stand up. This game was a complex test for the youth and for everyone in general, because of how the season was going. Jaider (Asprilla) entered a few minutes and does not require much evaluation, Jhon (Elmer Solis) was playing a good game as far as the physical part allowed him, Brahian (Palacios) with his characteristic tried to beat Cristian (Blanco) in duels, when we put him one on one, he lacked a bit in decision-making, but he made an effort, they have a great future, what they need is to add minutes and competency in professional football”.

Finally, the coach referred to the lack of another defensive player, after the expulsion of Jímer Fory. “Nelson Palacios is a man who in youth football could play as a center back, Danovis (Banguero) whose natural position is to be a winger, and with the men we had on the pitch, we felt we could develop him at the end of the game.”

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED Correspondent
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