why did they stop talking?

That actors from the cast of big productions confess while the relationship between them was not such and as it was shown in the media, it has ended up becoming something common in recent times. The last to reveal a small clash with his partner has been himself Daniel Radcliffe. During an interview on the BBC’s Radio Times, the protagonist of Harry Potter I affirm that stopped talking to emma watson for a few days.

“Oh God,we argued about everything! Religion, politics … “, he began by explaining. And it is that during the filming of Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireRadcliffe experienced one of the few disagreements he had with Watson throughout his career: “I remember that in one of the great discussions we had in the fourth movie we didn’t speak for days. She was arguing about Latin, about how no one knows what it sounds like. And I was like: “it’s possible, but there is still a lot of talk within the Catholic Church.

“What a silly discussion”

The apparently innocent debate ended up taking them away for a few days while they continued with the recording of the saga. “What a silly discussion. Looking back… I was totally out of control. She was furious and so was I. Honestly, I would advise anyone that if you’re going to debate her, be well informed“, he concluded amused when recounting the aforementioned memory.

Over the years, it is evident that the anecdote remained as such and that the actors maintain a beautiful friendship after so much time working together. Proof of this is the meeting of hbo max along with the rest of the protagonists of Harry Potter. In fact, Watson herself gave an interview in vogue uk where detailed how is your current relationship with both Radcliffe and Rupert Gritn: “We don’t have a WhatsApp group because they both hate it, but we talk individually. Rupert sends me pictures of his daughter and I melt. Dan and I usually try to calm our nerves with each other. It’s nice to have mutual support.”

The viral error that made editing Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts

Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts was on the lips of fans of the saga since it was announced that the original cast of the movies he would film their reunion on the occasion of the 20th anniversary from the first movie. Our wishes became orders – even if it took two decades – so it is not surprising that the followers of the story ended up realizing a small but noticeable mistake after seeing the long-awaited delivery with its protagonists. Emma Watson he became the center of social conversation again, this time due to an oversight unrelated to his speech.

As seen in the images, return to hogwarts projected an image of Emma Roberts as Emma Watson as a child. An error that soon went around the world because of how “simple” it was to corroborate that she was not the actress who gave life to Hermioneno matter how much, thanks to its resemblance, it could go unnoticed.

Although users shared this detail on their social networks, they always they did it under the tone of humor that provides to meet something like this in one of the most anticipated reunions of recent years. And before this, HBO was forced to explain to clarify that, indeed, it was a mistake for which they fully assumed the blame.

“Very good eye, Harry Potter fans”, began the platform indicating to Entertainment Weekly. “They have made us notice an error in editing over a mislabeled photograph. We will bring you a new version shortly“, they explained in the statement.

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