Why did you sign for Vida?


Jonathan Bornsteinbrand new reinforcement and hero for the Honduras team in the tie for South Africa 2010arrived this Saturday in Honduran territory to join the ranks of Vida, his new team.

The American soccer player arrived at the Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport at midday, a building where fans approached him to ask for a photograph for what was done 13 years ago.

Likewise, the Californian-born spoke to the press, in which he detailed his signing for Vida, the reason that made him come to Honduras and what he hopes to do in catracho football.

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How do you assess your arrival in Honduras?

I’m excited to get here, to be with all of you and I’m ready to play with Vida in La Ceiba.

The main reason you came to Honduras?

Grow as a person and player. Many years ago, in that game against Costa Rica, I scored that goal for the United States, because, from that moment on, I have been very fond of the Honduran people, I wanted to be here, to get to know the people and the country.

Well remembered for that goal

Since I scored the goal, I have always received many messages from the Honduran people. With each passing October, each year they show me a lot of love.

Our soccer hero is coming, the catracha people say

So they say, I was trying to do my best when I was in the United States team at that time and the good thing that happened in Honduras.

How were the contacts made for your arrival in Honduras?

We were always in contact, I hoped to get to Honduras and with the help of my representative, he put me in touch with Luis Cruz, from there we reached an agreement to be here. Also, we signed for one year.

What do you know about CDS Vida?

I looked for information, I spoke with the owner, with the coach, we talked about past seasons, I liked the project I had and the people with whom I was communicating.

What does it mean to play in Honduran soccer?

It represents a lot. I think I have a unique connection to the people here. It represents a lot to me personally because in the past they gave me a lot of love. Now I want to return that.

What would it mean to you if the Honduran fans applauded you for what you did in 2009?

It means a lot. My whole family is excited that I am in Honduras, especially from everything they have seen in these years. We are ready to start.

After Vida, did you retire from football?

I can’t say that, you never know how long the body will last. I’m going to work 100% of the years I have left.

What is the main objective when you arrive at Vida?

The goal is to win a championship, the team has been struggling, maybe they lacked something in recent seasons and I think I can contribute with my experience.

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