Why do you say that you would rather die than not be a mother?

two years ago, billie eilish Made the first public announcement that she wanted to become a mother. He was 19, with the music world practically at his feet, when he made his wish clear to Vanity Fair magazine.

“I want a kid and I want those kids to have kids,” she told the publication in words that didn’t cause as much of a stir as they did this week.

Now the “Bad Guy” interpreter for The Sunday Times has spoken profusely on motherhood, not only expressing her fears about it, but also launching a phrase that has gone around the world.

He said, “I would rather die than not have children, because I need them.”

He said, “I only think about what I’m going to do when my son believes something is right and I say no and he doesn’t listen to me.”

But why is that an issue on the mind of the Californian, who recently admitted that for most of his life he has portrayed a boyish, manly image.

his mother, actress Maggie BairdHe envisioned it after the age of 40, an age considered risky for physical reasons, but also theoretically when people have the mental and economic strength to support a family.

Tragic coincidence with the imprisonment of Raquel Bigora "elder brother" And "home of celebrities"

In this case, the family has always had the privilege of being educated at home, so Billy and his older brother Phineas (who is five years older than him) live together. This was because Maggie had experienced the Columbine Massacre firsthand in 1999 and feared that her children might be at similar risk.

The matriarch once said, “Having a small house and a joint family was part of a philosophy.”

Billy slept in his parents’ bed until the age of 10, as he developed severe separation anxiety. Three years later, an injury prevented her from dancing, so she fell into depression, coinciding with the making of “Ocean Eyes” which brought her international recognition.

At age 13, his parents received calls from agents and record companies wanting to meet and sign him. And they always guarded him so that fame and exposure would not overwhelm him.

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“I definitely find my mom annoying, but that’s because she’s my mom and everyone’s mom is annoying. But I love her, she’s like a book, she knows everything,” the singer told The Sunday Times.

In the same conversation, Billy made it clear that family is the most important thing to him. And she knows that the normal situation would be that he would have already left her, but she likes that they all travel together.

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