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What will the United States wonder about Chile? To find out, they searched for the most frequently made queries on Google by Americans regarding our country. The question that is repeated the most involves a character not very loved on national soil, especially since his last presentation in Viña del Mar 2020. It is the Maroon 5 Group, led by Adam Levine.

Believe it or not, 1 in 4 Americans has never left their country, which is why many of its citizens look for information regarding other nations on Internet search engines. You imagine What are the most searched questions on Google about Chile And what is it that most intrigues them in the United States with respect to us?

The survey revealed the questions that North Americans investigate the most on the web about other countries around the world. Their doubts are of all kinds, for example, “Why do the people of the Solomon Islands have blond hair?”, or “Why does it rain fish in Honduras?”

In Chile, it involves the music group Maroon 5led by their vocalist, Adam Levine.

What are the most searched questions about other countries in the United States?

Exploring a new country and immersing yourself in the local culture is a fantastic way to learn about the world. Unfortunately, many Americans have never had the chance: More than 25% of the adult population has never left the country, according to an August 2021 report.

For this reason, CashNetUSA analyzed the queries of Most Common Google Search Performed in the United States to find out what they most want to know about each country in the world.

How they did it? For each country they entered the phrase “why [país]” in the Keyword Explorer feature in Ahrefs, a search engine tool. They then selected the question that had the highest number of Google searches in the US.

Thus, out of 194 countries, Americans seek to know about politics, industry, money, languages, vacations, and cultural differences. Some of the most common questions they do about African countries relate to languages ​​and want to learn the reasons behind international conflict in the Middle East and Central Asia.

What do they ask in the United States about Chile and the world?

Among the most common questions asked United States over South America on Google there are questions about the language (“Why does Brazil speak Portuguese?”), the local economy (“Why does Paraguay export so much soy?”) and the festivities (“Why does Colombia celebrate Valentine’s Day in September? ?”).

But there are also others related to peculiarities of pop culture, as in the case of our country, where the most frequently asked question on Google is “Why does Chile hate Maroon 5?”. The question derives from the constant postings in the official account of Adam Levine after his poor presentation in Viña del Mar 2020.

“Why does Malawi import fertilizer?”), “Why does Sierra Leone have a maternal health problem?” and “Why does Sudan have more pyramids than Egypt?” are some of the searches on African nations.

About Asia and Oceania, the questions on Google they range from “Why doesn’t Bhutan recognize China?”) and “Why is the Tonga post taking so long?” to “Why do people in the Solomon Islands have blonde hair?”.

About the Middle East and Central Asia, the curiosity of Americans includes questions like, “Why does Jordan have the same flag as Palestine?”, about economy (“Why does Turkmenistan depend on cotton?”), and international tensions and the war (“Why does Iran hate Israel?”, “Why is Turkey fighting the Kurds?”).

The most asked questions on Google by Americans about other countries, according to each region

The most searched on Google by the United States about Chile
The most searched questions on Google by the United States about Chile and South America
The most searched questions on Google by the United States about Chile and Africa
CashNetUSA Study
The most searched questions on Google by the United States about Chile, Asia and Oceania
The most searched questions on Google by the United States about Chile and Europe
CashNetUSA Study
What do Americans Google about Chile, Central Asia and the Middle East?
CashNetUSA Study
What do Americans Google about Chile and North America?

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