Why does Paulina Rubio speak like a Spaniard?

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Pauline Rubio She is one of the most important Mexican singers in the pop industry; However, she has been criticized for the way she speaks, accusing her of having an accepted Spanish despite being born in Aztec land, Why do you speak like Spanish?

Paulina Susana Rubio Dosamantes was born on June 17, 1971. She is the daughter of the famous Mexican actress Susana Dosamantes and the Spanish lawyer Enrique Rubio González. There’s a clue, right?

Since she was born, she was surrounded by cameras and spotlights thanks to her mother’s popularity on Mexican television. She took acting, dance and singing classes at the Televisa Artistic Education Center from a very young age. Her first appearance on television with an acting role was in the Mexican film “El Día del Compadre” at the age of eight with her parents and her brother.

He auditioned for a Televisa musical project that later became Timbiriche, a youth group that reached the height of success in the eighties. Paulina Rubio stood out among her original members, she was nicknamed “The Golden Girl” and she starred in various episodes where she demonstrated her talent and charisma but also her fierce personality. As she was in a youth project, there was no lack of love triangles like the one she starred in with Alejandra Guzman and Erick Rubin.

He later explored an artistic career as a solo artist. He had great success and decided to focus on her full time as he has done so far at 51 years old. She has received numerous awards around the world and has won the hearts and admiration of millions of people in Mexico and other countries.

Why does Paulina Rubio speak like a Spaniard?

But Paulina Rubio has been criticized for years for speaking with a Spanish accent, why does she do it? To begin with, as we discussed earlier, his father is of spanish origin so the accent listens to him from home. Spain occupies a very important place in his life and musical career. The singer was born in Mexico but has lived for long periods between Spain and the United States. In fact, we can currently see her very little on Aztec land.

In July 2005, paparazzi spotted Paulina Rubio on the beaches of Ibiza, Spain, with a mystery man. Later it was learned that it was Nicolás Colate Vallejo Nágera who had begun a love affair with “La Chica Dorada”.

The Spanish man totally crushed on Rubio and they got engaged in November 2006 when she was 35 years old. In April 2007 the couple arrived at the altar in the paradisiacal ecological park Xcaret. Three and a half years later they welcomed their first and only child in Miami, Florida. In 2012 they announced their separation and in 2014 they officially divorced.

Paulina has mentioned that Spain is a very special place for her and that she does not consider herself exclusively Mexican, but a citizen of the world. “For me, Spain is like love. It’s passionate, it’s intense. It’s like red passion. Spain is like the color of my heart”said.

From a Spanish family, a Spanish father, great success in the Motherland and a marriage to a man originally from Spain as well, how can you avoid that your way of speaking has some Spanish overtones?

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