Why Eduin Caz was in Culiacán prior to the capture of Ovidio Guzmán


Edwin Caz It became a trend in social networks after the recapture of Ovid Guzman. This, because the vocalist of Grupo Firme sang the narcocorrido titled i am the mouse after the culiacanazo in 2019 and was heavily criticized back then.

However, this 2023 -after confirming the second arrest of Ovidio- the alerts went off because on January 4 Eduin Caz showed from his social networks that he was in Culiacán, the place where the operation took place and where this Thursday blockades and shootings were reported.

Although the famous has not yet ruled on how he is after the violent events that arose since dawn, it can be seen from his account instagram that the reason he went to Sinaloa was because of vacation and family reunion reasons.

“So a little of my family vacations I let you spend here andI didn’t rest, I just stopped by to report. Have a nice 2023 I LOVE YOU KBRONES”, wrote the famous.

In the images he shared, he can be seen very happy sharing breakfast with his loved ones and he announced that he was not only at his grandfather’s house, but that he had already been there for several days.

In the same way, he can be seen in some of the clips very happy singing karaoke with his family and enjoying good times in a chicken coop.

In addition, during the night of January 4, hours before armed violence broke out in the region, the singer shared that he was on the streets of Mazatlán buying food.

“The truth is that I recommend them, it’s worth it”, he placed while biting into a hamburger.


Behind the culiacanazo of 2019, several celebrities were harshly criticized after deciding to sing the song i am the mouse of Código FN and that alludes to the nickname of Ovidio Guzmán, one of the leading boys of the Sinaloa Cartel.

“Guzmán’s last name is Ovidio. His father as a child. He nicknamed him the Mouse. A boss with a lot of brains. He is the son of Chapo. That gentleman. I am the mouse. I am Ovidio, I am Guzmán son of El Chapo. I am brother of Alfredito and of Archivaldo. And by the way I apologize. for the culiacanazo”, is part of the letter.

The Sinaloan band of Javier Cuen, José Ernesto León, Odandy Cuen, Christian Gutiérrez, César Avitia, Rigo Zárate and Miguel Salazar began activities more than 10 years ago, in which they made famous songs like I’m good to the shot, Green Tickets, Miami Vibe or I’m for youbut in early 2022 they resounded by The mousebeing causally a year later recaptured.

“Am The mouseI am Ovidio, I am Guzmán, son of El Chapo, I am the brother of Alfredito and Archivaldo, and by the way, I apologize for the Culiacanazo, I did not fight, because the lives of my daughters came first, and I thank the crowd on Black Thursday, They raffled for my leather, with everyone from the government”, reads another part of the song.


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