Why Gerard Piqué’s Kings League could come to El Salvador?

A week ago the former footballer of the Barcelona Gerard Pique announced new agreements and surprises for the Kings League, a sports project with other former players and celebrities from the world of streaming.

All this happened at the same time that Shakira launched her new song with Bizarrap where she attacked her ex-husband.

In the last hours Piqué announced that there are negotiations with a president of the American continent to lead the Kings League. “We are negotiating with a president of a country who wants to bring the Kings League to his country and we may do a two or three week pre-season campus. We are talking about America, it can be a country in Central America, Latin America or North America.”

It should be noted that in the last hours the former Barcelona captain began to follow the Salvadoran president Nayib Bukele on his Twitter account.

Photo: Twitter/ @KingsLeague

What is the Kings League?

The Spanish defender tearfully announced his retirement from professional football in November 2022. This caused great astonishment for Barcelona fans.

However, Piqué did not completely abandon his profession because together with other former players or personalities from the world of streaming they founded the Kings League.

This ambitious project is about a soccer tournament in which 12 teams of 10 players participate, it lasts 11 days and anyone can see it through Twitch.

It is important to mention that the players were rigorously selected, since only the 120 best soccer players remained to make up the 12 squads.

The rules are basically the same, but the time for each match is reduced to 20 minutes, a total of two. In the same way there are red and yellow cards in addition to the option of Australian penalties in the event of a tie.

Through Twitter, Piqué referred to the Kings League as a circus and although many thought that some emojis were for the Colombian, it was discarded. The reason why he mentions a circus is a direct allusion to the words of Javier Tebas, the president of Spain’s La Liga, who referred to the Kings League as a circus.


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