Why has Sharon Stone congratulated designer Juana Martin?

“Hi, I’m Sharon Stone. Juana Martin You are Bazaar Fashion Woman of the Year 2023 Award”, this is the kind of hero basic Instinct, Through the social networks of the famous newspaper, the designer from Cordoba has increased his already large list of recognitions.

Without hiding his admiration, he added: “And do you know how exciting it is? First of all, this is a design by Juana Martín that I ‘took’ from him a long time ago. I’m sorry, Juana! I brought it to you Not going to give back. And secondly, as you well know, Juana, it’s very exciting because you are the first Spanish woman to parade in Paris Haute Couture. And from Andalusia, where my favorite horses are Andalusia There is nothing better than riding a horse.

Stone’s relationship with Juana’s work was apparently love at first sight: “You know, Juana, when I first saw your designs I thought “This is really original, really special, something extremely impressive. I had the pleasure of wearing your designs! Check it out! Congratulations, Juana! I’m so excited for you. And I’m sure the future will bring great things for you. I hope I get to wear your incredible designs. Will continue. Congratulations!”

Harper’s Bazaar held its awards ceremony last night Women of the year 2023, An opportunity to honor eight extraordinary women for their talents and values.

The Cordoba designer says, “Thank you very much for this award, for this dedication, for the affection you have always shown towards me. And I am crazy to be with you tonight and celebrate this whole party that You dedicate yourself to women.” His social networks. A few hours before the incident.

Already on stage, she said: “I believe in the struggle that women have to face every day, and in my case being a gypsy, a woman, coming from Andalusia, Córdoba and all those things. Yes, it’s hard. But my father, who was a gypsy of course, he always taught me to fight for my dreams. To be a woman with principles, with values, and that’s what made me who I am today: a woman who dreams. And which fulfills dreams.

In addition, the designer from Córdoba was in charge of dressing his friend rossi de palma So that he can come to receive his award as a humanitarian inspiration.

For her part, the model elle macpherson She was very happy with her award as an entrepreneur in the world of beauty.


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