Why haven’t they submitted it? I Closing Tournament 2023 Liga MX

Basic forces

The people from Guadalajara are looking for a new structure in their basic forces and for this they have a new coach who strangely has not been announced.

Chivas has a new coach: why hasn't he been introduced?  I Closing Tournament 2023 Liga MX
© Imago7Chivas has a new coach: why hasn’t he been introduced? I Closing Tournament 2023 Liga MX

In the middle of the week, the news was released that Marco Antonio Pikolín Palacios joined Club Guadalajara as part of the institutional strategists in the basic forces, but until the afternoon of this Saturday, January 28 It has not been officially announced on social networks, nor on the official portal Where the news of the Guadalajara team is published.

It was through Pikolín’s own Instagram account where the information about his arrival at the Sacred Flock was known, after an image where he appears with the director of basic forces, Javier Mier with an emotional message grateful for the opportunity to get involved with the most important team in Mexican soccer, despite the fact that its identity refers to the colors of the Pumas de la UNAM.

“Very happy for this great opportunity that Chivas gives me to belong to their basic forces. I feel a great commitment to the new generations of Mexican soccer players. Long live what was done in Mexico”, was what he published on the famous social network, without explaining himself what your specific functions will be in the future or in which team you will work directly.

Why hasn’t Chivas announced Pikolín Palacios?

Everything indicates that the work of Marco Palacios will be defined in the next few days, but it is clear that it was Javier Mier who took him so that he could contribute his experience to Guadalajara, with everything and that his past placed him as one of the staunch rivals of the rojiblancos, since in the Clausura 2004 they faced in a Final where the university students defeated the team at that time led by Hans Westerhof on penalties.

Poll Do you like that Pikolín has arrived at Chivas?

Do you like that Pikolín has arrived at Chivas?

Not really, better to another exchiva

Yes, bring your experience


It should be remembered that Tapatío, a subsidiary of Rebaño in the Expansion League, is coached by Gerardo Espinoza, who was a player for Atlas, another of Chivas’ main sports enemies, so it is striking that there are no more former players identified with the Flock, since the previous year Paulo César Tirón Chávez also left and at the end of the 2022 Apertura they removed Alberto Coyote from the U-20, both champions in 1997 at the hands of Ricardo Ferretti.


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