why he refused to go to Russia, what he said about Chiellini and the message for Motagua’s fans


TEN He always accompanies all the Catracho legionnaires and was one of the few sports media that was at Denil Maldonado’s departure for the United States to join his new club, Los Angeles FC, in the preseason.

The now former Motagua said he was very happy with the opportunity to go to the MLS, and he also talked about his new teammates and what he will seek to learn from them to gain more experience.

The day LAFC made the signing of Honduran Denil Maldonado official

Denil also said that he had offers from other countries such as Russia, the 24-year-old Honduran revealed why he refused to go to the European country, despite the fact that it is one of the major leagues on that continent.

Maldonado did not forget about Motagua and sent a message to the blue fans. The defender does not rule out returning in the future, since in the eagles he has his house.


Start a new experience, how do you deal with it?
“New challenge, thank God I have been given the chance to be in a good team like LAFC; We are going with the task of fighting for ownership and having a great tournament”.

Are you nervous about this new adventure?
“Normally, when you change teams you’re going to meet new teammates, so we have to adapt, but we’re calm about that aspect.”

Have you slept well the last few days after your signing?
“Yeah, ha.ha.ha, I’ve taken it easy. Now is the time to go and do my best to win ownership in the team”.

How are you physically for this new challenge?
“I spent some time training with Motagua to be in rhythm. Now I am going to start the pre-season with LAFC and I hope to get in shape to be in the best possible way in terms of fitness”.

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Have you already had the opportunity to speak with Steve Cherundolo, LAFC coach?
“No, not yet, but surely when I arrive I hope to talk to him, so far I have only spoken to managers, obviously because of my arrival, but in the next few days I will talk to the professor.”

Did you have other offers and why did you decide to go to MLS?
“Yes, there were several offers, there was the one from Russia, Colombia, but I sat down with my parents and my wife to analyze the situation and we made the best decision, which was that of Los Angeles FC, since Russia is not having a good time with the issue of FIFA as with the war, so we prefer to take the MLS offer and be competing to be in the national team, which is the most important thing”.

How would you describe the United States League?
“This league has been growing, I have had the opportunity to be in Mexico and I had many teammates who wanted to go to the MLS and I have been given the opportunity. I don’t see it as a minor tournament, I feel that it is much superior to the Mexican one”.

It is your third experience outside of Honduras. What should you do to consolidate abroad?
“I have analyzed my trips to Mexico and Chile, now I have a greater degree of maturity in my football and I think that this will help me to establish myself in the MLS.”

Now you will play alongside great figures, how do you see that?
“The truth is that yes, they are well-known players and for me it’s a nice experience and I hope to give my best, since these moments don’t happen every day.”

Did you ever imagine playing with Bale, Chiellini, Vela…?
“No, but football gives you this experience of having great players and the truth is that you work for it.”

Chiellini is in his position. Did you see him play when he was little?
Yes, experienced player. Since he was at Juventus he is a figure and now I have to share with him, personally it will be a beautiful moment in football and personally. I will try to get the best of them for myself and continue to acquire the maturity that one is looking for”.

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Does this opportunity come at a good time?
“The truth is, I’ve been working hard for a year thanks to God and my teammates (from Motagua) because we always make an effort in every game and that helped me to be here today.”

Do you also have the ambition of being in the Honduran national team on your horizon?
“Yes, with the national team we did not have our best year, but we have been getting up with the friendlies and we have shown that we can resume the good level. We hope that 2023 will be better and that we will continue to grow in the national team and be able to hold the name of Honduras up high”.

Because you were close to the national team, didn’t you take Russia’s offer?
“The fear above all was because the Russian league was disaffiliated with FIFA and they could put me inconvenienced, I didn’t want to leave the position of the national team and that’s why we decided to stay in MLS. It favors us not to be far away to be close to the team”.

And for the people of Motagua, what words do you have?
“To thank everyone for always being there despite the good and bad times. The truth is that the fans are very demanding, but at the same time very understanding”.

Returning to Motagua will never be ruled out…
“No, the house will always be the house. It is the team that saw me grow and I am always grateful to them”.

Do you leave with the thorn of not winning the last final?
“Yes, it remains a thorn, but we had a very good year, a championship and a runner-up that obviously is hard not to have won, but they are football things.”

Before leaving you got married, how did you experience your wedding?
“The truth is that I was there since last year, but we decided to be calm, that the new year was coming and we got married before traveling. It was something very nice with my wife. An important step in my life.”

And the honeymoon for when?
“Ha ha ha, for later, the truth is that my wife is very understanding of that and we hope to have a good time when she plays.”

Iving Bruni, Denil Maldonado's wife, went to see him off at the airport, then they will enjoy their moonlight.  PHOTO: Alex Perez.

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