“Why I refuse to offer an iPhone to Cristianinho”

Cristiano Ronaldo has a highly publicized family. The Manchester United star alone has more than 500 million followers on Instagram and his partner more than ten million. Even though Ronaldo’s eldest son is very well known, Cristianinho is not allowed a mobile phone.

Indeed, at the Technology Impact Ceremony at Dubai’s Al Wasl Plaza, Cristiano Ronaldo explained why he denied Cristiano Jr a phone.

“A phone ? Certainly, it helps a lot. It has helped me and people here around the world, and I think we need to take advantage of it, but we shouldn’t obsess over it. For example, I can tell you a little secret. My eldest son will soon be 12 and he always asks me: Dad, can I have a phone, can I have a phone, can I have a phone. I tell him: Cristiano, you have plenty of time to get him and it’s not the right time yet. did he declare.

“I also know that this younger generation is a step ahead of their age. So I agree that we have to take advantage of it but we shouldn’t be obsessed with technology. Sometimes I give my phone to Cristianinho for him to have a little fun and then I take it back (…) Junior is very happy and says he wants more brothers and sisters, he wants seven. asked for an iPhone to call me but I told him no. If he wants to call me, he has to go through his grandmother first. I want to pass on to my son the idea that it is not easy to get everything he wants. Education is the best thing I can give him,” he added.


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