Why is Ana de Armas “healthy envy”?

    A B.Lanca Suarez She doesn’t need an introduction, and her impeccable resume speaks for her. Nevertheless, the actress is one of those ‘rare avis’ that is lavished little in the world of interviewsand that’s why we had to take advantage: the protagonist of ‘The test’ and ‘The summer we lived’ is now image of the new Samsung campaign for the launch of its folding mobiles after starring in the El Corte Inglés fall fashion campaign, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask him about projectsnews in his life, his addiction to a very specific app on the phone and also because of a very recurring theme: With his talent, why hasn’t he made the leap to Hollywood yet? Press ‘play’ on the video above and find out everything he told us before reading the interview we did with him.

    Soon the next October 28we will be able to see it in the cinema in the new film by Álex de la Iglesia, ‘The fourth passenger’, highly anticipated by critics, especially by the cast of exception: Blanca, Alberto San Juan, Ernesto Alterio and Rubén Cortada. A comedy with a very good appearance that could catapult it even more, something that the industry hopes. Could she be the next Penelope Cruz or the next Ana de Armas? will have to wait, but He has already confessed to his former partner from ‘El internado’ that he has a certain “healthy envy”…

    White, how are you? Samsung image, no less.

    Yes, here we are, presenting these mobiles that are fantastic, that have a very cool peculiarity: part of the materials come from the bottom of the oceans. Samsung has partnered with a Korean company and has managed to launch several devices, such as these two phones, with these components. They want to recycle several tons this year.

    Are you very addicted to mobile?

    Yes, a bit.

    What is the application you use the most? Because not Tinder, right?

    Tinder No. Whatsapp, all day, because it is for work and leisure.

    Are you very vigilant of your mobile, so that they don’t look at your messages, or don’t you care?

    It usually doesn’t matter to me. I don’t have conversations that are committed either, but I think we all look at the next door’s cell phone without meaning to. It’s pretty much the same to me.

    Are you one of those who keeps photos of your exes?

    I’m not one to burn things. Broadly speaking, although not always, they are beautiful things.

    What photo do you keep on your mobile with more affection?

    I have things from my family, my friends, important things… I don’t have a lot of photos, because I’m not one of those who go on a trip and take photos. Then I regret it, because I never have photos and I would like to, but I am one of those who has thousands of folders in the gallery with ‘friends I don’t know what’, ‘travel to I don’t know where’… very organized.

    Blanca Suárez poses as a Samsung image

    Blanca Suárez posed at the Samsung event with an Alessandro Vigilante look, Aquazzura shoes and jewelery from ‘Suot Studio’, by Tous.


    Do you have any selfie with any idol? They ask you for many photos, but do you take them with someone you admire?

    No, I’ve never done that. For shame. I don’t know what that photo can bring me either, I don’t think I’ll revisit it much, and in the end life goes by, it will be erased and you haven’t looked at it again, that is, better than a photo is to talk, or better to share another type of moment.

    Are you very addicted to filters?

    I have not found my filter. It is that later they are noticed, and it gives me as modesty.

    What would you say to your ‘you’ as a young person if you were now 15 years old, with mobile phones, social networks…?

    To be very careful. And don’t believe everything you see on the networks. Don’t take it seriously, because it does a lot of damage.

    How do you protect yourself from social media comments?

    I don’t pay much attention to it. In the end it’s always the same: people who don’t like you and people who love you. Everything is fine as long as everything is respectful. I don’t tend to notice. I put distance with all that.

    How have these holidays been, that you have gone to various places?

    Very well, it has been a summer planned with time, finally. It had been a long time since I had a summer like this, of going away for 15 days.

    Blanca Suárez poses as a Samsung image


    You actors really enjoy those moments of tranquility, but there is also some nervousness about whether or not there will be work after the holidays, right?

    There is a bit of everything, because even if you don’t want to be worried about things, in general, there are always times when that uncertainty appears, but even if you worry you have to understand that there are things you can’t control. In my case, being offered a job is uncontrollable.

    Are you doing well?

    It’s weird, but I wear it with sportsmanship and acceptance. Although there is always that uncertainty of not being able to know how you are going to be able to build your year… but I have it more or less organized.

    Actors usually have a plan B, just in case. Have you thought about what you could do if the performance doesn’t go well?

    I have fantasized, yes, but they have not materialized. Although having plans B, as the planet is, it would not be bad.

    What have you fantasized about?

    With the craziest things. In my head I have had all kinds of professions: business, for example, but I don’t know if he would see me.

    As a child, what would you have wanted to be?

    I was very attracted to makeup, to study some characterization…

    What is that project that you want to do and has not yet arrived?

    There’s a bunch. I am very lucky to have worked a lot and on very different things, but the problem with fiction is that there are infinite projects, saying ‘I want to do this’, and then imagine that it arrives and you say ‘now what’. That’s why I prefer to be grateful for anything.

    Blanca Suárez poses as a Samsung image


    Have you ever thought about fucking one sabatic year?

    No, but because I also make a point of blocking dates very well and leaving myself, perhaps, a couple of weeks between projects to say ‘don’t call me’, so as not to reach that point of exploding.

    Have you been afraid of exploding?

    I have ever been there… not overwhelmed, but with many things and not having time to do things, or to go to the doctor, and it becomes a ball. But it’s as easy as saying it and softening it a bit for a week, and that’s it. The problem is when you make the ball, because in the end you neither work well nor live well.

    Do you make time for other things?

    At the moment to do sports it gives me. And if then I have a day to be with friends, for leisure and such, or to eat quietly at home… great.

    Do you like to cook?

    It is not my passion. I like it, but I don’t spend time on it.

    Your main dish?

    A meat soup that comes out super good.

    Would you go to ‘MasterChef Celebrity’?

    No. I would be terrible. That’s why I really admire those who go.

    Blanca Suárez poses as a Samsung image


    And another program, like singing, or survival? Although I don’t see you with Isabel Pantoja or Kiko Matamoros…

    Nerd. Maybe yes, if there were no cameras… I’m a big fan of all that, but not for work. But I do see some things, it would be very hypocritical to deny it. Let’s say I’m up to date.

    Would you like to play the role of a legendary character in the movies?

    By the time ‘Black Swan’ can be made, and it’s considered a legendary character -which for me it already is-, I’m asking for it.

    In line with this, now Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe in the movies. Are you still in contact with her?

    No, I haven’t talked to her in a long time.

    And what do you think of this hit?

    It is wonderful, it is incredible, because it is very rare and unique.

    Does it envy you?

    I suppose that healthy envy, of course, because in the end we dedicate ourselves to the same thing. Above all, it is very nice to see someone you love who is succeeding like this.

    Why haven’t you made the leap to Hollywood?

    I don’t know, I guess it hasn’t happened. I haven’t thought about it either. I have not taken it as a bet. I think that, in addition, we are at a time when projects fly without the need to pack. It is something that if it happens, it happens, and if not, then nothing. Anyway, all industries are very connected now.

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