Why Is Kim Kardashian Buying Up Old Chanel Pieces?

in 2002, karl lagerfeld makes people cry Kim Kardashian, It was 2013 and Kim was posing for some photos with the late designer and stylist Carine Roitfeld in Paris: “He said he gave you a bag on set when you did your first photo shoot with him,” the woman told him. Said. famous person to James Corden in the fall of 2022. “I was so excited, I imagined which bag I was going to get. That’s when Kris Jenner enters wearing Chanel. vintage Up and down, and he goes and makes love to her and he almost didn’t know I was sitting there.”

Kim continues: “At the end of the shoot, I was waiting for my bag and it came to me A clutch crystal lego unique, and I say to myself: ‘It’s here!’. Then he says, ‘I brought you this gift, it’s so nice to meet you,’ and passes me by and gives it to my mom, I went to the bathroom and started crying loudly. But Kim (who she is) wasted no time in including a clause in Kris Jenner’s will so that North would inherit that exact bag in the future. To explain it all that, in the House of Kardashian, Chanel is saying a lot.

Kim with her Chanel Spring/Summer 2012 bag.

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Kim and North with vintage Chanel bags.


Over the past two years, Kim has alternated between Balenciaga biker pants, Dolce & Gabbana sheath dresses and the barbiecore look in her evolution into Kim.2 (or Kim.200). But in all this personal searching there is one constant: Bubbly Bag Collection vintage from channel, often very rareWhich is with his latest look.

All of this may have its origin in a meeting that Kim had with Karlie’s cat (and heir to his fortune) Choupette just before the Met Gala 2023. What they talked about will remain a mystery, but it looks like Kim managed to convince them that the designer’s cat progeny opened Chanel’s vault and let her walk away. Bag spring/summer 2012 in the shape of pearls which she wore to the Time 100 Gala that same week. Since then, Kim has been photographed wearing a small fanny pack and five different toiletry bags, some quilted buckets, and a Spring/Summer 1995 necklace.

Kim in vintage Chanel bucket bag.


Kim with another archival gem.

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To make matters worse, this last necklace is exactly what Margot Robbie is wearing in the movie. barbie, As Kim increasingly establishes herself in contemporary pop culture, these artifacts help her supplement her fame with a cache that extends beyond schizophrenic newscasts. see all Princess Diana’s Atallah Cross which was bought at the time of the most noise Excessive and the Marilyn Monroe outfit she wore coincided with the hype surrounding blond, As far as Chanel goes, nothing is more legendary than the top of haute couture. The Kardashians have as much free access to current collections as they get a major discount on apparel vintage hard to find.

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