Why is the JLo Happened hotel in Manhattan so special?

Wedding plans, Plan B, Marry meJennifer Lopez He has conquered the public with different love stories that he has brought to the big screen. She Even she has starred in one with Ben Affleck, her husband! But without a doubt one of the most memorable, not to say the most, is it happened in manhattan. In it, she gives life to a single mother who works cleaning a New York hotel, where she meets a politician, whom she plays. Ralph Fiennes.

The movie has just turned 20 years old, an occasion that JLo celebrated on Instagram. “What incredible memories I have of working on this movie in the heart of New York with the most incredible cast you could ever hope for!” the actress wrote. Her character in it happened in manhattanMarisa Ventura, worked in the Beresford Hotel, but this is not the real name of the place where it was filmed. As IMDB indicates, the film was actually shot at the hotel Waldorf Astoriaone of the most famous and luxurious in New York.

Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra, among the guests of the Waldorf Astoria

Its history dates back to 1893date on which the Waldorf Hotel Opened its doors. A few years later, his owner’s cousin opened his own hotel, the Astoria. In the end, William Waldorf Astor and John Jacob Astor IV -descendants of John Jacob Astor, America’s first millionaire- joined both establishments in one, the Waldorf Astoria. As indicated The New York Timeswas the first hotel to incorporate electricity and telephones in the rooms, not to mention that it was there that the famous waldorf salad. Some say that the Benedict eggsa brunch classic today.

Jennifer Lopez plays an employee of the fictional Beresford Hotel in ‘It Happened in Manhattan’ Image from ‘It Happened in Manhattan’

Initially located on Fifth Avenue, the Waldorf Astoria had to be torn down so that one of Manhattan’s most iconic buildings, the Empire State Building, could be built. reopened its doors in Park Avenue, where he received numerous stars. there they slept Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe… Also Elizabeth II and Philip of Edinburgh or Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson passed through the luxurious Waldorf Astoria hotel. Herbert HooverIn fact, he lived there for decades.

Other movies that were shot at the hotel it happened in manhattan

it happened in manhattan He chose the Waldorf Astoria to represent the fictional Beresford Hotel, but it has not been the only film that has chosen this luxurious hotel as the setting for its history. The first was Weekend (titled in English Weekend at the Waldorf), starring Ginger Rogers. Others would follow later, such as the 1974 version of The Great Gatsby, The Tenenbaums, The Prince of Zamunda… Without a doubt, it is part of the history of the seventh art.

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