Why is Timothée Chalamet canceling ‘Wonka’ before its release?

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Less than a month before the premiere of ‘Wonka’, which debuts on December 7, Timothée Chalamet will appear on Saturday Night Live. He also made parodies of singers like Troye Sivan and talked about the film that will serve as a prequel to ‘A Fantastic Chocolate Factory’, and the ‘Me Chamè Pelo Seu Nom’ and ‘Adorves Mulheres’ actor shared a video with Internet users. Troubled the. Sadly, this was considered “de mau gosto” and “inappropriate”.

Amid the current conflict between Israel and Palestine, SNL and Timothée Chalamet faced widespread criticism from viewers for making a joke about Hamas during an episode that aired this weekend. The audience will hear “insensitive”, “de mau gosto” and “nada engracada” as they refer to ‘Duna’s esquite estrellada pelo ator.

During Chalamet’s performance as a comedy trio please don’t destroy, the actor played an aspiring musician who wants to end his life while three passersby try to convince him not to listen to the estate. John Higgins, a member of the comedy troupe, told Chalamet’s character, “There’s got to be something you care about.” Chalamet’s response was, “U acho. A minha music.”

After Chalamet’s character plays some music for the group, they are not very impressed, agreeing to share…

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